After having 10 boys, this 39-year-old mom finally gives birth to a little baby girl(photo)

After giving birth to her 11th kid, a girl, the first mother in the United Kingdom to have 10 consecutively born males is now not the sole girl in her home.

When Alexis Brett learned she was expecting a daughter, she couldn't believe it.

Alexis and her husband David flew 50 miles to a facility that could tell her the gender right away since they were unable to wait till Alexis gave birth.

"I had anticipated learning that we were having another son. But when I realized it was a girl, my face looked like a picture, she told the publication The Mirror.

The 39-year-old mother, who resides in the Scottish Highlands with her 44-year-old train driver husband David, said she was "over the moon" to welcome Cameron into the world.

"I was stunned yet ecstatic. She told the Mirror, "Now that she's here with us, it's a beautiful sensation.

Ten brothers, ranging in age from 2 to 17, will watch out for Cameron.

To avoid waking her awake, they've typically been lot more behaved around her, according to dad David.

They want to assist with holding and feeding her as well, which is wonderful.

49 loads of laundry every week

Since all of her sons "are important" to her, Alexis said she would have been content if her eleventh kid had been a male.

"Because we were searching for that elusive female, we frequently get questioned whether we had so many kids. I can frankly say "no." Although Cameron wasn't in the plans, she was nonetheless thrilled.

Despite having so many boys running around the home, Alexis dislikes clutter and does 49 loads of laundry every week in addition to daily vacuuming.

Alexis declares, "We're certainly stopping now." There won't be any more. I already mentioned that, but this time, I truly mean it. As it stands, I adore my family.

I had no intention of having a large family, but now that I do, I adore it.

Part-time fitness teacher Alexis expressed how much joy it is to purchase pink items for the first time.

Do you believe having so many males is a good idea? The errands that need to be done each day are beyond my comprehension.
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