Mother Can’t Find School For Her 9-Year-Old Son Due To His Hair(video)

Farouk James, a 9-year-old child residing in London, England, is not your typical youngster. This young model has been dominating magazine covers, working on commercials, and strutting down the runway at fashion events all over the world, from New York to Florence. Due to his incredible hair, the elementary school boy has been working as a model for a while and has garnered a lot of attention. He stands out among other young models and among models in general because to his long, curly hair.

Farouk has experienced various difficulties in his brief life, despite the fact that his hair is his trademark. At least three secondary schools informed him that he would have to clip his lovely locks before he could attend lectures. Children already struggle at school because they must worry about fitting in, finding friends, and concentrating on their schoolwork. Farouk's hair has garnered a lot of positive attention and admiration online, but he has had trouble getting the same recognition from educational institutions.

Farouk and his mother Bonnie Green made the decision to act because they did not like the idea of cutting the little boy's attractive mane. Green began a campaign in favor of long-haired males with the goal of delivering a petition to Gavin Williamson, the British Secretary of State for Education. Since that time, Farouk and Green have put a lot of effort into advancing Farouk's modeling profession. The little child has persisted in flaunting his amazing hair and winning accolades from people all around the world.

This problem has been observed not only in the UK but also in other nations throughout the world. CBS reports that in July 2019, California Governor Gavin Newsom declared his state the first in the nation to "prohibit discrimination against Black students and employees over their natural haircuts." Soon after, according to CBS, lawmakers in New York and New Jersey followed suit with their own versions of the CROWN Act. "Creating a respectful and open world for natural hair" is what the legislation stands for.

Green launched a campaign in favor of long-haired guys as a form of protest against the school's decisions. Insisting that males keep their hair short, the 41-year-old mother told The Independent that she believes the school is behaving "prejudiced" and "under the umbrella of misogyny."

Green was aware that other mothers shared her displeasure with these regulations. Other moms who claim that their kids were traumatized when they were required to cut their hair in order to stay in school have contacted her since she launched her campaign. Forcing boys to accept a new haircut will just add to the already high stress levels of secondary school.

The Mirror quotes Green as saying: "In a just society, people should be evaluated on the content of their character and NOT on their looks." Green worked very hard, but the schools still had harsh rules. She told The Mirror that she was considering enrolling her kid as "non-binary" in an effort to prevent him from being required to cut his long hair. She was looking for legal loopholes, she said.

The tenacious mother tried for years to explain to her son that he would ultimately need to get his hair cut, but according to The Mirror, Farouk claims he won't go to school if they force him do it and that it would cause him to have a mental breakdown.

By May 2021, more than 7.3 thousand individuals had signed Green's petition in favour of allowing boys to have long hair at school. Farouk has also been actively advocating for the cause, as seen by his appearance on the Bahia Kids cover in January 2021. His magnificent mane covered the cover, and his knotted curls nearly filled the frame. On the cover of the magazine, Farouk exuded a strong feeling of self-determination, with the tagline "my hair, my rules" firmly written beneath him.

The youngster with the long hair has persisted in creating buzz on social media. Green manages his Instagram account, which has more than 270 thousand followers and is still being updated today. In one of Farouk's most recent photos, taken in May 2021, he and another young model stood in London, England, looking adorable and stylish. Despite having different textures and style, both children rocked their curly hair.

From the images on his Instagram account to the professional fashion advertisements, Farouk has continued to display his distinctive appearance. Although his hair has given him some problems in the past, this upcoming star has no plans to shave off his stunning locks. His hair has become an essential part of his modeling profession, and Farouk has continued to encourage young boys and girls everywhere to completely appreciate their own natural beauty.
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