Dad Posted This Photo Of His Daughter And It sᴀᴠᴇᴅ Her Life

Her life was spared after his father shared this picture of his daughter.

We like taking images of our children and ourselves as new parents. But when he snapped a silly photo of his daughter, this father had no idea that he was about to save her life.

Because he thought his daughter's look was amusing, he snapped a photo of her taking her first bath and put it online.

The father posted the picture on social media, where it quickly became popular. She's going to marry a poor guy without tattoos, one of the many amusing comments that were left on the picture.

Are the eyes a little bit yellow in color? I think so, but it's hard to tell because the entire image is yellow. It's most likely nothing, although it may indicate jaundice. If she seems to have yellow eyes and skin, you might wish to inspect them. I'm worried as a paranoid pediatrician.

Hearing this, his father went straight to the doctor with his daughter. It was determined that the doctor was right to be worried; the infant had jaundice and the doctor most likely saved her life.

Jaundice is common in young children, but if ignored, it can be deadly or result in serious brain damage. Although posting and reading comments online can seem worthless, you actually saved her life this time! I want to commend the kind doctor. There has to be more kind individuals like him.,,

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