John Amos, 83, Shared An Emotional Dance With His Daughter During ‘Precious Moment’

Even though John Amos is in his 80s, he still knows how to have fun, even if it means putting down his cane while having trouble walking in order to engage in a heartfelt dance with his daughter. Indeed, he did just that in October 2022, a few weeks before his 83rd birthday!

John, who was born in Newark, New Jersey, on December 27, 1939, is best known for his parts in the television shows "Good Times" and "Roots." John performed in the first three seasons of the CBS sitcom "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" as Gordy the weatherman before moving on to star in "Good Times."

After that, he continued to feature in a number of television shows and films, including the sequel to Eddie Murphy's “Coming to America,” “Coming 2 America."

While a student at Colorado State University, John got to know Noel Mickelson, an artist and horseback rider from Estherville, Iowa, who would later become his first wife. Interracial marriage was still prohibited in 16 US states at the time of their wedding. Shannon and Kelly Christopher Amos, the latter better known as K.C., were their two joint children.

It was love at first sight for them. But the world around them was going through turmoil at the moment, Shannon wrote in June 2020.

The difficulties they faced did not cause John and Mickelson's love for one another to waver.

Of course, Shannon had to deal with racism, so it wasn't easy. But because of their parents' love and support, she and her brother K.C. were able to get through all those difficult times.

John's lone son, K.C., shares his appearance. He has dabbled in acting, directed a little bit, and even had a Grammy nomination, much like his father. But mostly, he's recognized for being a passionate video editor, as seen by his frequent updates on social media.

K.C. saw his father's participation in "Good Times" as more than simply a job; he took away life lessons from nearly every episode of the show.

"I realized that he was doing more for people than just working; as a devoted father raising his TV kids, he was truly making a positive impact on society. Every weekly program included a lesson about life. He stated, "It was incredible to witness the program become into a successful series that revolutionized television sitcoms, especially those that portrayed African-American families.

John is eighty years old and still knows how to have a good time. In a July 2021 Instagram video posted by his son KC, John was seen slickly showcasing some skills at a charity event in Denver, Colorado.

"Amazing cause, great people, and great times." "#SpreadTheCheerUSA is the best—it doesn't get much better," he wrote.

John posted a video of himself and K.C. enjoying themselves while lip-syncing to a song in November 2022.

"Always Have Fun" Over the holiday, I'm kickin it w my kid @k.c.amos," he said.

However, Shannon, K.C.'s sister, is very close to their father.

Luther Vandross' "Dance With My Father" was playing in the background while John was seen dancing with Shannon, his daughter, in a touching video that Shannon uploaded in October 2022.

John let go of his cane and continued to have an emotional moment with his daughter, despite the fact that he already had difficulty walking. He demonstrated their strong link by dancing and kissing his daughter on both cheeks and the top of her head.

A moving video dedicated to Shannon's father was released concurrently with an increase in participants in the #DanceWithMyFatherChallenge. Shannon thanked God in the caption of her photo for allowing her to spend this precious time with her father.

Shannon said, "Thankful for this special moment with my Dad @officialjohnamos."

Shannon extended an invitation to others, particularly those who still have their dads living with them, to take up the challenge and commemorate this priceless occasion that any child could ever hope for.

"We challenge you to create a precious moment if you're fortunate enough to still have your dad," she said.

Shannon wrote a really kind post. Many claimed they missed their own fathers because of the moving movie.

"Your wonderful father is such a blessing in your life. One member said, "I lost mine when he was 74 and I wish he was still here every day."

Another remarked, "This truly makes me smile, I miss my Dad sooo much! This is beautiful!"

That is lovely. "Girl, that's my TV dad," someone said.

His kids resemble him so much; he's one of my favorite performers. Gorgeous sister," remarked someone else.

The father-daughter exchange was heartwarming, and anyone fortunate enough to witness it is truly fortunate!

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