Many Don’t Know That Maury Povich & Connie Chung Have Been Married For 37 Years(photo)

Particularly in Hollywood, maintaining a relationship may be difficult and challenging. It might be challenging, but for those couples who truly put in the work, juggling hectic work schedules and quality time together is beneficial. Connie Chung and Maury Povich are one of the couples.

Povich, who was born on January 17, 1939, is most known for hosting the chat program "Maury" on television. He started off as a radio reporter, but soon after, he moved to host "A Current Affair," a tabloid entertainment program. Povich quickly became the talk of the town when he debuted his own program in 1991 and has remained on television ever since.

Chung, who was born on August 20, 1946, gained notoriety throughout her tenure as a journalist and television anchor for several networks. She has held positions at network stations, including MSNBC, NBC, and CBS. She even continued to work with her spouse in 2006.

People are still learning that Povich and Chung are in a relationship, and a committed one at that, even though they have been together for more than 40 years. The contented pair has experienced a great deal in their life, both individually and together. They have even begun a lovely family together.

Despite the fact that this might not be their first long-term partnership, Povich and Chung appear to have something truly unique given their 43 years of dating, 37 of which have been spent as spouses. Continue reading to learn more about their lovely love tale.

Sensing the Flame

It appears like Povich and Chung have discovered the secret to a successful relationship that will continue for decades on end. After 37 years of marriage, the contented pair has been together for 43 years. Povich, 81, stated in an interview with People in October 2020 that "there's no need for any do-overs." Perhaps it explains why we are still together. In agreement, Chung, 74, remarked, "I would go back and relive every moment."

Povich and Chung reportedly met over ten years before they started dating, according to the Daily Mail. "He was a big star and I was just a kid in 1969 when I was a copygirl at a little TV station in Washington, D.C.," Chung said to People. He had a very serious and stern demeanor. He didn't raise an eye.

The former TV news presenter went on, "I couldn't help but imagine that maybe one day he would accept me as a human being. After two years of employment, I departed to pursue my profession, leaving him behind.

Thankfully, the two would eventually cross paths again six years later, so this was not the last time they saw one another. Povich was brought on as a co-anchor with Chung, who was employed as an anchor at a CBS affiliate station in Los Angeles, California, according to the Daily Mail. Povich joked, "I was the second banana to Connie."

But at the time, Povich was wed to Phyllis Minkoff, his first wife. The pair was married from 1962 till 1979 and had two kids together.

Making It Work Although Povich lost his jobs six months later, the Daily Mail claims that his relationship with Chung persisted. Povich remarked, "I always said the way to get Connie's heart is that she pities you first, and then she can love you." "She felt sorry for me because I lost my job."

Even though Povich and Chung's individual professions eventually became more demanding, they were unable to ignore the attraction between them. After divorcing his first wife in 1979, Povich married Chung six years later. While Chung's professional endeavors were rather erratic, Povich has been anchoring "Maury" since 1991.

Povich remarked, "We've always respected each other's space and values in addition to our careers." Since then, the pair has spent 43 years together and 37 of those years as a married couple, demonstrating the amount of work they have put into creating a relationship that will last a lifetime. According to the Daily Mail, they also adopted a 25-year-old son called Matthew in 1995.

"Whatever discussions or arguments go on during the day, once the head hits the pillow, it's over and not to be continued the next morning," Povich responded when asked how they've managed to keep their marriage going for so long. I am not thinking about it.

"That is really admirable, but I have grudges and I need to keep arguing it out, whatever it is," Chung continued. Thankfully, it's evident that their contrasts have complemented one another, creating a stunning union.

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