Mother had hidden Letter For 20 Years The Adopted Daughter Walks Down The Aisle She Hands It Over To Her(video)

At South Central Regional Medical Center, Brooke had her first encounter with Sherry's future daughter while working as a maternity nurse. Brooke's mother was unable to care for her and handed Brooke to Sherry after seeing how deeply Sherry loved her adopted son, Brian.

A pleasant surprise for the couple was the arrival of a new family member. Brooke was raised by her mother after being born in 1994.

What a wonderful thing that God made it stop at Laurel. We've always wished to meet Brian and Brooke, remarked Sherry.

Sherry writes Brooke a letter in which she declares her love for her.

A devoted mother sent her daughter the following letter to express how much she meant to the family:

Sherry wrote, "Dear little Brooke," as Brooke slept in her cot at the time (18 months old).

My children were adopted, she said. All I wished for was for them to understand how deeply they loved one another.

For the following 20 years, Sherry kept the letter a secret. In 2015, Brooke was preparing to start a new family by getting married. Sherry made the decision to tell him the message.

Sherry tore a piece of her dress off right before Brooke's wedding and had the word etched on it.

When Brooke's mother Sherry requested everyone to leave the room as she was ready to go down the aisle, Brooke was stunned.

A committed mother alone with her daughter delivered the message: the gift!

As Brooke read the letter, which was written in a crisp and exquisite handwriting, she couldn't help but cry.

This is a grand and really moving moment. The entire thing was captured on video by The Film Poets. You can't help but feel it, too!

I didn't realize the message was there, Brooke continued. Naturally, I started to weep.

Later, Brooke learned she was expecting a kid and wanted to pen a message to it while the groom made his way down the aisle.

I'm not going to write one," Brooke said, stating that the topic affected her greatly.

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