Queen Elizabeth And Prince Phillip Are Related – The Longest Married Couple In The British Monarchy First Met When She Was Only 8 Years Old(6 photos)

In November 2017, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary, demonstrating the longevity of their happy union. Furthermore, after reaching that milestone, the pair broke the record for the longest marriage in the history of the British monarchy, according to the Washington Post.

According to the official Royal Family website, the two first crossed paths in 1934, when Elizabeth was just eight years old, during the wedding of Princess Marina of Greece, the cousin of Prince Philip, and The Duke of Kent.

Prince Phillip's cousin was Princess Marina of Greece, and Queen Elizabeth's uncle was her husband, The Duke of Kent. In this sense, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip are distant cousins.

The current husband and wife are linked to Queen Victoria if one follows the family tree back. She is the great-great-grandmother of both Prince Phillip and Queen Elizabeth, according to ThoughtCo.

Marrying a distant relative might appear a little odd. However, because they run the risk of renouncing their titles and the claim to the throne, members of the royal family have never been safe when they marry commoners. The Royal Marriages Act of 1772, which forbade the union of nobility and commoners, is partly to blame for this.

For the noble-blooded Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip, who started dating when the Queen was thirteen, everything turned out nicely. They fell in love on the tennis court, according to Sir John Wheeler-Bennett, the official biographer of King George VI, the father of the Queen (as quoted in the Daily Mail).

After they started exchanging letters, things started to spiral out of control. The two didn't get married until a few years after they initially met, right after the Queen was 21. But first, Phillip had to become a naturalized British citizen and give up his Greek royal title in order to do this.

After seven decades of marriage, their narrative of enduring love has had its share of challenges to conquer. But when the two reflect on creating history, they realize that their choice to marry all those years ago was the correct one. That's all that matters.

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