In Uncommon Wedding, Twin Girls Marry Twin Boys And Officiating Priests Are Also Twins(video)

It's normal for twins to occur spontaneously once in 250 pregnancies, so you probably know someone who had twins at some time in their lives. Finding out about a set of twins who grow up and marries another set of twins is less common than knowing a pair of twins. However, it is just what two Indian pairs of twins accomplished. Additionally, they had twin flower girls and page boys, as well as twin priests presiding at their wedding! That is definitely an uncommon occurrence!

The sisters Reema and Reena of another set of twins, Dilraj and Dinker, were married back in 2015. Kerala, a city in southern India, hosted their double wedding at St. Xavier's Church in the Thrissur district. Reji and Roji, the twin priests, officiated the two weddings; their charming page boys and flower girls were also twins.

According to The Daily Mail, the brothers' desire to marry twin sisters years prior had inspired them to envision a wedding like this. Dilraj and Dinker finally found their spouses after five grueling years of searching. Reema and Reena, meantime, have also searched for acceptable spouses for themselves for three years. Thank goodness, the quartet connected through a marriage-oriented website.

The brothers did, however, clarify in a subsequent interview that they first had difficulties locating their spouses. They disclosed:

The twins' similarity was insufficient. We also needed to locate twins with comparable familial origins."

Nevertheless, it seemed fated when they ultimately met the sisters. To the Daily Mail, they said:

"We knew it was Reena and Reema that we had been searching for when we first saw them. Thankfully, after meeting us, they had a similar emotion as well."

The brothers had really already met the twin priests, but their schedules were booked up as soon as they discovered their wives, Reji and Roji. This meant that in order to perform the marriage, they had to travel hundreds of kilometers from Chennai to Thrissur. "We had to wait for the priests to come (to) solemnize our wedding," Dilraj told the outlet. Following the publication of images from their double wedding on Facebook, their narrative gained international attention and went viral. As we already stated, their tale is undoubtedly unique!

The identical brothers disclosed that they had grown up doing the same activities and dressing in the same manner. "Even in (our) matriculation exam, we scored similar marks," Dinker stated. They were hired by the same organization and are employed in the IT department. However, the brothers, who had previously spent their whole lives together, had never before been dispatched by the corporation to various parts of the nation. Dinker declared:

"After beginning our professional careers, we experienced separation for the first time in our lives. While Dilraj was dispatched to the far south by the corporation, I was stationed in northern India."

Similar to their brothers, the sisters chose to pursue nursing as their profession.

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