Viewers delighted as Prince Louis once again steals the show at King's coronation

After seeing Prince Louis' antics for the length of King Charles' coronation, viewers were ecstatic.

As opposed to his older brother and sister, Prince Louis is renowned for being a touch cheeky, and today's coronation of King Charles and Queen Camilla was no exception.

As the five-year-old yawned, pointed, and fidgeted during the momentous occasion, he won the hearts of the viewers. The little prince then stepped on the balcony of Buckingham Palace and charmed onlookers with some great hand motions, making the situation even funnier.

The small child in the carriage was first visible when his family neared Westminster Abbey. Thousands of royal admirers waved back to Louis as he looked out the window, appreciating his openness.

And as the ceremony went on, he simply continued to grow in cuteness.

Louis and his sister Princess Charlotte, 8, were standing patiently holding hands while their parents, the Prince and Princess of Wales, waited outside the main hall to enter.

Many people praised the couple for being so professional on such an important occasion as they published numerous images of them online, along with those of their parents.

Prince Louis went out on the front lines with both of his brothers to witness the ceremony, where his grandpa was crowned King of England and 14 other Commonwealth nations.

The 5-year-old was seen singing the national anthem with pride as he saw the historic event unfold in front of him as the 74-year-old monarch and his wife left the premises.

Before the youngster resorted to yawning and pointing at objects as any other toddler would, he and Princess Charlotte exchanged a few words, but the cute gestures appeared to draw spectators' attention simply because it was Louis.

One person commented, "Prince Louis yawning what a little legend," and another tweeted, "he didn't let his fans down today." His yawning, pointing, and muttering were seen. I can't fault him. The ceremony lasted a while.

Apparently impressed, a third person wrote: "Prince Louis shamelessly yawning during the big moment is exactly my kind of energy."

As they uploaded images of Louis yawning before the ceremonial crowning, this user even noted that it was a recurring theme throughout the day.

"Prince Louis yawning is a mood," they said.

The cherry on top was when Prince Louis and his sister (again) appeared on the side and put their hands up to give a few "window-wiping" waves as the King and Queen presented themselves to their devoted supporters from the balcony of Buckingham Palace.

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