At age 8, she promised her grandma she'd buy her a home. Years later, she's finally done it(video)

She pledged to purchase her grandmother a house when she was eight years old. She's finally done it, years later.

Janita Badon gifted her 83-year-old grandmother, Irma Badon, a new house as a surprise. The eight-year-old granddaughter was keeping a promise she had made to her grandma. The couple is seen on a video approaching a house with other family members in tow. The elderly woman, who uses a walker and wonders why she can't just open the gift at home, is ecstatic and startled to see that she is really getting close to her new home's front door. A lifetime dream of Badon's grandmother was finally realized, according to Brightly of Good Morning America.

The grandma laughs at the start of the video, and Badon asks, "What did you just say?" A family member repeats what was recently asked, saying, "She said, 'Why couldn't she bring the gift to the house?'" She had no idea, of course, what was in store for her a short distance away. "A little hard to do!" Before she can question, "You wanna know why yet?" Badon answers, chuckling. And she says, "'Cause this is your house!" before her grandmother can reply. The elderly person gasps and displays utter amazement.

The elderly woman screams, "Oooh!" when her grown granddaughter grabs her arm and assists her in approaching the home. "Aaah!" She clearly could not believe she was indeed experiencing that moment, even as she up the stairs to the front door. Upon entering the front entrance with her walker, friends and relatives who have been hidden in the halls and behind fixtures suddenly emerge and let out a collective "Surprise!" Badon's grandmother, whom she affectionately calls "momo," exclaims, "Oh my God!" Yes, it was a joyous moment for all those who shared it.

"Christmas was a dream come true," Badon commented after the revelation on Facebook. "Momo got her own place! The world's most unselfish individual. I wish I could give the world to her twice. Anyone familiar with her is familiar! I've been thinking about keeping my promise to her for a while, so thank you, God, for enabling me to fulfill it. I cherish you." Friends, relatives, and even complete strangers showed their sincere gratitude for the young lady in the comments. One person commented, saying, "Very lovely! I'm crying right now. You are an angel here on Earth, Janita Badon." "That promise you made as a child was kept so beautifully," said an additional person. What a fantastic tale. My heart is beaming and my eyes are perspiring because of you. May God bless your mother and you." Check out the adorable moment in the video below if you're ready to start sweating like a crazy person.

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