High School Quarterback Honors Childhood Promise To Girl With Down Syndrome — Takes Her As His Prom Date(video)

Although high school might be challenging, having a friend by your side makes things simpler. A high school quarterback escorted one of his classmates to prom, fulfilling a long-standing commitment. Mary Lapkowicz and Ben Moser have been pals since elementary school. They always enjoyed engaging in a range of hobbies and games together. Ben always tried his hardest to involve Mary in whatever he and his friends or classmates were doing.

Through their Pennsylvanian schools, the two became friends. Ben was always occupied with extracurricular activities, such as football, and he even went on to start playing quarterback for the Susquehanna team at his school. Tom, Mary's father, is a math teacher in the Central Dauphin school system and also coaches the rival high school football team. Mary served as a manager of the equipment.

Teachers and parents were thrilled with Ben and Mary's friendship and how much fun they seemed to have together at all times. Ben has tried his hardest to be a good friend to Mary, who has Down syndrome, and to make sure she feels as included as possible.

As a way to keep this lovely thought alive, he promised to drive Mary to their high school prom. He had made that commitment back in elementary school. That vow was eventually kept in May 2015 when Ben and Mary dressed to the nines to go to their high school prom together. Continue reading to learn more about this touching tale of an enduring relationship.

Honoring His Promises

Mary and Ben have enjoyed a beautiful friendship for a long time. Tracey Spogli, their fourth-grade teacher, reportedly observed that Ben put a lot of effort into making sure Mary was always involved in events, according to Penn Live. "He kept a close eye on her," Spogli remarked. He would approach her and strike up a conversation if it appeared that she wasn't enjoying herself. Whenever they were engaged in an activity, he would draw her in. He simply looked out for her all the time.

According to Penn Live, Ben's mother Lisa was unaware of her son's connection with Mary until the conclusion of the academic year. Around this time, Ben witnessed his cousins attending prom, and he made a vow to take Mary to prom when he was old enough.

"I thought Mary was really cool," Ben clarified. She was kind and easy to work with. Mary concurred. She described him as "nice and sweet." Mary and her family did, however, wind up relocating to a new school district. Luckily, the pals were reunited when Ben's school and Mary's school faced off in a football game.

The news outlet was told by Mary's father:

"She mentioned attending the prom. She had been thinking about prom the entire time I had accompanied her to homecoming and other events."

Although she was unaware, Ben had not forgotten the commitment he had made many years before, which was fortunate for Mary. Ben made good on his promise.

Ben stated, "I wrote 'prom' on the balloons we got." "I asked her to go to prom with me and gave her the balloons."

Mary acknowledged that the prom proposal had taken her by surprise.

When the big day arrived on May 8, 2015, the couple prepared to head to their high school prom by posing for pictures outside Mary's house. Mary donned a lovely lavender dress, and Ben was dressed in a tux. Despite attending competing schools, it was obvious that nothing could separate these boyhood pals. Ben made the following joke to Penn Live when she was asked whether the pair would have to put their schools' rivalry aside:

I don't believe it ought to be very strange. There are decent children there."

Since then, Penn Live posted a video on the event, and it has received over 3.9 million views! It makes sense that the touching tale affected some of the commenters. Ben received a lot of praise for his deeds and his parents' parenting. "This boy's parents should be very proud of how they raised him," someone said.

Ben was praised by several others, one of whom even referred to him as a "fine gentleman." Some remarked on his "brotherly instincts." Others emphasized that he prioritizes being a friend above being a quarterback. They declared:

"This isn't just a quarterback who happens to be her friend. Her pal who also happens to be a quarterback is this one."

Still, an equal number of individuals spoke of Mary's sweetness and beauty. "Everyone is talking about the guy, but the girl is so prettttyyyy," one commenter said. I absolutely adore her cosmetics and hair."

The universal resonance of Ben and Mary's narrative can be attributed to their genuine relationship.
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