101-Year-Old Mom Forced Her Son To Pull Over At Sight Of Snow So She Could Play(video)

Have you ever had the urge to act on a whim, such as taking a lone nighttime stroll or dining at a place you haven't been in years? There are many different reasons why people act erratically. Perhaps they were just feeling like performing them, or perhaps they just wanted to take a stroll down memory lane. However, there are instances when people act erratically knowing that these are experiences they might never have again. For someone who made the most of her life, that statement couldn't be more accurate.

Albina Foisy, 101, of the British Columbian hamlet of Lillooet won the hearts of many people in November 2015 by bringing out the kid in her, despite the fact that she had already lived a life that exceeded a century at the time.

Her response on a snowy walk is among the finest things you will likely ever witness in a centenarian. Not only was she content, but she was ecstatic.

As of 2022, a video of her that her son Armand posted on Facebook has accumulated 10 million views.

Albina is seen making a snowball in the video and grinning and giggling. She flung it as hard as she could after forming one. Albina remarked, "Playing in the snow is kind of fun."

Armand captioned the video, saying, "This is evidence that you can live a hundred years if you find pure joy in the small things."

Armand said that when it was pouring in Lillooet, there was an unexpected snowfall, which is unusual for their location. So he and his mother made the decision to see if any traffic was approaching.

About three kilometers out of town, I made a turn with the automobile. However, the door swings open, and mom comes out before we can go back on the road, Armand said in the video.

"It's a good idea to have the camera close by for such precious moments when your mother is 101 years old. This is among those," he remarked.

Albina could only speak in shock and delight when she watched herself on television. Armand also got the opportunity to record the priceless event. That's who I am, exactly! Oh no, murmured Albina.

Albina was shocked to learn that she had made the news, as are most common people when they see themselves on television.

"It's unbelievable that I'm a celebrity, and I'm unaware of it," Albina stated during an interview with Global News.

Regarding his mother's response, Armand told CBC, "To say that she is absolutely thrilled and amazed is a total understatement."

Armand said his mother had always been quite cute. Armand told ABC News, "It was one of those innocent moments that come around fairly often with my mother."

Albina is not in the headlines at the moment, although Armand last released a video of them together on his birthday in 2019.

Even though it had been years since Albina's video was initially posted online, some users claimed they simply couldn't stop viewing it. "This makes me grin no matter how many times I view it. "She was truly a remarkable woman," a commenter on Armand's video said.

"What a delight. Another said, "I'm happy you were able to capture this wonderful time with your mother.

Even if others might not agree, Armand did a wonderful job capturing Albina enjoying the snow in one of the most precious and memorable videos.

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