First Ever Makeup-Free Beauty Pageant Crowns Dental Nurse As Winner

On September 29, 2023, the Miss England organization held the first-ever regional heat for Miss London without the use of cosmetics. The contest, hosted at the opulent Taj 51 Buckingham Gate Suites and Residences in London, defied conventional beauty standards. This exceptional event highlighted the beauty of natural features, devoid of any cosmetic improvements.

Leading the way was London-born 26-year-old dental nurse Natasha Beresford, who was named the first Miss London without makeup.

Beresford, who is originally from Sheffield, started working as a dental nurse at the Royal London Dental Hospital in 2021. She was given the adoring moniker "real-life tooth fairy" for her devoted work in Project Tooth Fairy, which gave kids dental care while they were sedated. Later on, she relocated to Chiswick to work at a private dental clinic.

Bereford's dedication to community involvement is evident in her work beyond her accomplishments in the workplace. She performed volunteer work in Uganda in September 2022 for the nonprofit Dentaid, providing dental care to more than 1,300 underprivileged people.

A qualifying event for the main Miss England pageant, to be held in the spring of 2024, is the Miss London pageant. Additionally, it will be performed completely makeup-free, highlighting gorgeous hair and natural looks.

A makeup-free photo has to be uploaded to the Miss England website by the participants. After being chosen, the contestants took part in a number of events, such as the preliminary runway, the final photo session, and the makeup-free final catwalk.

The origins of the Miss England pageant may be traced to 1928. The pageant's primary focus in its early years was physical attractiveness. But the competition's standards changed along with society norms and ideals. The Miss England pageant has produced winners who have represented their country in the Miss World pageant, which is one of the most prestigious international beauty pageants, throughout its history.

It fills me with great joy to have been chosen as Miss London. It was an honor to be selected since every lady who participated was so stunning and so encouraging," Beresford said.

As she continued, thinking back on her enthusiasm for her profession, "I find my job really rewarding, over the years I have worked in the NHS, as well as private and urgent care dental practices." "For the future, I would like to do further training in dental radiography and oral health education."

A wide range of competitors, each with their own accomplishments and backstories, were also featured in the pageant. Lewisham native Afrose Ameen, a 23-year-old engineering prodigy, was one among the many colorful and gifted competitors. Ameen's accomplishments go beyond the pageant arena; she was instrumental in the creation of the Elizabeth Line on the London Underground. Her participation in such a significant infrastructure project demonstrates her commitment to her profession and her capacity to overcome obstacles in a largely male-dominated area.

A notable competitor was Temi Adeyemi, a Middlesex native from Enfield, age 26. Adeyemi exemplifies the modern woman's capacity to succeed in a variety of disciplines as she balances her work as a model by night with her job as an accounts assistant by day. Her appearance on the pageant platform demonstrated not just her attractiveness but also her diverse skill set and business savvy.

The youthful 17-year-old Surrey-born student of beauty treatment, Alanta Richards, was another excellent contestant to add to the list. Richards, who was only a young woman, had poise and confidence, and she spoke for many young women who want to succeed in the beauty industry. Her involvement demonstrated the pageant's dedication to giving women of all ages a platform.

Their life stories and accomplishments demonstrated the pageant's commitment to diversity by showcasing the variety of accomplishments and attractive qualities that women throughout England can boast about.

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