I’ve Seen Thousands Of Commercials In My Life And This Is The Only One I Ever Cry Over(video)

Christmastime is a joyful time of year. Some are happy to be able to spend the holidays with their family and have some time off work at last. The children are eager to open their gifts. Some can't wait to finally catch up with their buddies for some quality time. For my part, I like seeing the ads at that time of year.

Millions of dollars are spent by large corporations to get us to purchase and follow Saint Nick's lead. The majority of them go above and above to create original advertisements since they are aware of how fierce the competition is. A specific one captivated the interest of millions of spectators.

Through its advertisements, the French telecom provider Bouygues always emphasizes the value of family values and staying in touch with your loved ones. They had a similar Christmas advertisement, but it was so heartwarming that it brought tears to the eyes of the audience.

The opening scene of the commercial features a father entertaining his infant kid while Redbone's song "Come and Get Your Love" plays. It's the father's method of creating a stronger link and bringing his son joy. For the duration of his son's life, he does this.

The son calls his father to play the same music as the commercial closes, cradling his infant. It's one of the most poignant and insightful advertisements I've ever seen.

Parents in particular have praised Bouygues' advertisement on social media. They claim that it strengthens their relationship with their kids. This advertisement's primary message is that this Christmas, we ought to provide more than just technology.

We ought to get out our phones and use them to express our gratitude to everyone we love, especially the people who raised us when we were little. If you haven't already, then feel free to follow suit. Share the happiness.
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