New Mom Gushes Over Adorable Clip Of Her Husband Feeding Their Baby With A Breastfeeding Tool(video)

All the help a new mom can get from her partner, family, or anyone else is very important after giving birth and especially in the first few months when she is taking care of her kid. Getting help like this goes a long way toward making them more comfortable as mothers than if they did it all on their own.

At these times, it's best to have a partner who is willing to work with you and is very helpful. People who follow @dr.zionko on TikTok knew what this was all about when she posted a cute family video gushing over her husband.

It was August 10, 2023, and the mother of the baby shared the sweet video of her husband breastfeeding her baby in a very creative way. The public is interested in the film, and there have been mixed comments from people who use media.

From birth to adulthood, every time a parent spends with their child is very special. Every event makes the bond between a parent and child stronger. If two people are responsible for training their child together, they should each take turns taking care of the kid. This will make the relationship better and healthier.

It used to be that most women were expected to do all the work that came with taking care of young children. These days, though, things are different because more and more guys are taking care of kids while they are growing up. Dads can spend time with their kids during family leave, which is now offered by many companies.

The fact that technology has made tools that guys can use to care for their kids is more helpful. One of these is a nursing gadget that can be attached to something that looks like a breastfeeding formula.

The TikTok author made a video of her husband using a breastfeeding device to feed their new baby, and it went viral. The video showed her husband holding their new baby with lots of love and care while the baby drank from the bottle. He was dressed in green clothes and sitting on the bed with his legs spread out in front of him.

The loving dad held his child's head steady so the bottle teat wouldn't fall off. The man was very focused on the baby while his wife shot, making for a generally good look. His proud wife wrote a sweet caption:

"teamwork babyyyyy."

This short video was timed to the famous TikTok song "Thank you to my man." Twitch users liked it more than 2 million times and left more than 5,000 comments. At the same time that some people were amazed and praised the dad, others were worried about what he was wearing.

"Why is he wearing scrubs on the bed?" asked one person who didn't like it. Another person said, "I have this weird habit of putting my outside clothes on my bed." I can't picture myself in bed in clothes lol.

There were, however, some commenters who stood up for the father. "This could be his clean scrubs before work," one person said. He's a doctor, so I'm sure he knows. It's helping and getting closer. I give that an A."

"I love the hold. Also, the scrubs might be on before he goes to work," said someone else. So let's not judge too quickly!" Some users were only interested in where to buy the sling, so one person told them, "Everyone, it's called a Beebo." I looked it up to get one for my sister and her husband lmao."

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