Engagements, Affairs & An Attempted Kidnapping: A Look Inside Princess Anne’s Life( 4 photos)

Princess Anne, the only child of the late Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, has lived a more sedate and secluded life than many of her cousins and nephews. She only posts formal images and authorized narratives on her social media platforms, so it's rare that the general public gets to have a peep inside her life.

Nonetheless, rumors have it that Anne is among the elder royal family members who works the hardest. She is renowned for her style as well. The media constantly reports on what she wears, including her jewels, just like it does with many other royals. This time, the topic of curiosity is Anne's engagement ring, which has drawn attention from people all around the world in addition to being unusual.

She was first married to Mark Phillips in 1973. She has been married twice. In contrast to all previous royal marriages, Anne's 1992 wedding to Timothy Laurence defied conventions regarding both her bridal gown and engagement jewelry. While the majority of royals wear a clear stone—typically a diamond—to symbolize their marriage proposal, Princess Anne chose a different, less conventional rock that gave her engagement ring a unique touch.

The royal family appears to be a rather traditional family, but in recent years, there have been some significant changes. Many elements were missing when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle departed the royal family in March 2020 as they tried to figure out how to move forward.

In addition to taking on greater responsibility, Anne has opened up about numerous unique and non-traditional experiences from her life. Continue reading to learn more about Anne, the only daughter of the last queen.

On August 15, 1950, the late Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip welcomed Princess Anne, their only daughter, as their second child. She was third in line for the throne upon birth, behind her elder brother King Charles III and her mother, who was not yet queen. Today, she is sixteenth in line. Additionally, Prince Edward, Early of Wessex, and Prince Andrew, Duke of York, had an elder sister named Anne.

She was the first of her three siblings to be married, having wed Captain Mark Phillips in 1973. Tatler claims that the two first connected at a horse-riding enthusiast gathering in Mexico City. Even though they were seldom seen together, stories of their extramarital relationships put their relationship under intense pressure (Anne dated her brother's wife, Camilla, who was then the Queen Consort of the United Kingdom, husband Andrew Parker-Bowles). April 1992 saw the finalization of their divorce. Peter Phillips and Zara Tindall are the princess and Phillips' two children together.

Anne also wore an unusual engagement jewelry in her previous marriage. Phillips "proposed with a Garrard ring featuring a central sapphire flanked by a pair of diamonds in 1973," according to The Court Jeweller. Her previous engagement ring and the one Laurence gave her share the trait of choosing a vibrant sapphire as a jewel over the more conventional clear diamond. Her sapphire cabochon from Laurence is set on a plain gold ring with tiny diamonds set into either side of the stone.

After her first marriage ended, Anne was fortunate enough to fall in love again and wed Vice Admiral Sir Timothy Laurence on December 12, 1992, in Crathie Kirk in Scotland. They are not parents to any biological children.

It's possible that many people are unaware of Anne's near-kidnapping. People claims that on March 20, 1974, there was an attempt to abduct the princess. Only a few months had passed since she wed her first husband when the attack occurred.

Anne described how she encountered Ian Ball, a guy with a gun, head-on. "He unlocked the door, and we engaged in a 'conversation' regarding our destination," stated Anne. It would "be much better if he just went away and we'd all forget about it," she informed him, nevertheless.

Ball reportedly tried to leave the area, but cops stopped him, according to People. Then it became known that he planned to hold the princess ransom for around $4 million.

Anne has obviously had a very busy life, and the 72-year-old Princess Royal doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Vanity Fair claims that she performed almost 500 engagements in 2019. Anne acknowledged that she frequently overbooked her schedule and stated that she didn't particularly have a typical notion of retiring.

"For me, retirement isn't quite the same," Anne remarked. Most would agree that we're quite fortunate not to be in that circumstance since you wouldn't want to simply stop. It mostly depends on the groups you choose to be connected with and whether they think you're still relevant.

Having worked with Save the Children for more than 50 years, Anne is deeply committed to charity causes. In 1990, she was even considered for the Nobel Peace Prize. Without a question, the late queen was extremely pleased of the woman her lone daughter turned out to be throughout her lifetime.

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