Watch as Gigantic Polar Bears Play with Sled Dogs in a Nerve-wracking Friendship(video)

Polar bears aren't for humans, despite their adorable and cuddly appearance. For sled dogs now? The idea that they might snuggle up to each other would seem absurd to us. However, after seeing the instructional films listed below, we witness the emergence of a relationship unlike any other.

In the video below, the commentator emphasizes the need of maintaining a safe distance from these massive polar bears. Despite being stunning creatures, they possess power unlike anything else on the planet. He discloses that he is keeping a distance from the polar bear of more than 70 feet. In addition to maintaining his distance, he also makes an effort to instill this behavior in the polar bear. The man would place cracker shells nearby by to frighten away polar bears if they got too close.

"A 12 gauge cartridge designed and manufactured principally for use in scaring and dispersing birds and other animals and containing a projectile that explodes," is the definition of a cracker shell, citing Law Insider.

The incredible relationship between these sled dogs and this massive polar bear is then shown in the film. Observing this playful friendship between two wildly different creatures is really shocking. Let's examine the size differences between these creatures.

What Is a Polar Bear's Size?

These bears are huge, growing to a height of 2-2.5 meters (6.5-8.3 feet) and weighing between 150 and 600 kilograms (330 and 1,322 pounds).

We don't find it surprising that polar bears are the biggest bear species on the planet.

How large do sled dogs get?

Typically, sled dogs weigh between 20 and 25 kilos (44 and 55 pounds).

There is a noticeable size difference between these two creatures, as can be seen. The polar bear weighs 1,267 pounds more than the sled dog, even at its largest weight. Very incredible, in our opinion.

Another polar bear joins in on this fun of friendship as the video goes on. We witness the polar bears engaging in playful antics, including biting and roughhousing, with the sled dogs. The commentator mentions how gregarious polar bears are. And that's not difficult to believe, as the video below shows.
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