Duck “Smiles” With Joy When She Returns To Her Nest To Find A Pile Of Ducklings!

To understand the significance of this duck tale, we have to go back a bit. Lily the duck has been desperate to be a mama. She has laid eggs and sat on them countless times. The eggs have turned out to be nonviable and never hatched. She has been heartbroken after nurturing her eggs so carefully, only to be denied parenthood. To get the duck to smile, Lily’s humans would need to do something drastic.

The humans hatched a plan to satisfy Lily’s desire to be a mama duck. Shifting some eggs around, they placed three new eggs under Lily in the hopes they would hatch healthy ducklings. Unfortunately, there would be no duck smiles yet as the eggs did not hatch again.

Meanwhile, fellow ducks Zippy and Cordelia’s nests were ravaged by the neighbor’s dog. The next day, both ducks laid new eggs (Zippy laid one, and Cordelia laid two). These new eggs were taken to Lily to replace the overdue eggs she had been caring for. The new eggs from Zippy and Cordelia also failed to hatch. It was time for another new plan.

Since Lily was having no luck hatching eggs, her humans decided it was time for drastic measures. While Lily was out, the humans verified that the eggs weren’t hatching, then removed them. Instead of replacing them with more eggs, they tried something new. They put three thriving baby ducklings in Lily’s nest.

Lily hesitantly entered her nest box. When she saw the surprise, she was vibrating with happiness. The duck was all smiles!

After a brief bit of confusion, Lily figured out the whole adoption thing and seemed to be settling in with her new ducklings. Taylor is the one in black. He is slightly younger than the other two, Dakota and Emerson. During the adoption interviews and “getting to know one another” phase, Lily decided that Dakota and Emerson were a little too rambunctious. They went back to the biological parent while Lily settled in with Taylor.

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