10-Year-Old Boy Raises Over $150,000 To Buy Bulletproof Vests For Police Dogs(4 photos)

A young youngster chose to make a change after seeing the need for it. Brady Snakovsky, 10, who aspires to become a police officer, decided to gather the money for his own bulletproof vests after learning that the majority of K9 policemen lacked them due to the high cost.

So much for being a go-getter. Brady noticed the K9 cops' lack of protection while watching the police reality show Live PD, despite the fact that their handler officers were wearing vests while on duty.

Young Brady discovered that although vests are available for K9s, those at his local station lacked any due to the expensive vests. According to Parents, departments were able to safeguard their police but lacked the funding for the canines.

Brady made the decision to raise money for the K9 officer at his local police station after learning that canines sometimes suffer injuries while working.

The little boy's mother assisted him in creating a GoFundMe page on which he detailed his worry for the K9, what he had learned about their profession and the hazards they faced, vest alternatives, and how much money he would need. Brady states on his GoFundMe page that he wanted to gather enough money to buy one vest for the neighborhood dog, but he was also anxious to raise as much money as he could to buy vests for any K9 officers who required them.

According to parents, Brady's campaign gained a lot of attention and since starting the fund, he has been able to earn more than $150,000 to help safeguard close to 160 pets. Brady is able to purchase the over $1,000 vests at the reduced price provided to police enforcement by dealing with the manufacturer, according to an update on his GoFundMe page.

Brady didn't stop with just one dog in his department; he even went so far as to establish a foundation that would keep raising money and educating the public about K9 cops and the services they offer. Brady aspires to provide every K9 officer with the necessary protection through his foundation so they can carry out their duties.
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