Heartsick Dog Turns Her Back When Her Name’s Called And Had 1-Wish Before She Diеd(5 photos)

One little puppy has an enormous wish. Kongji is her name, according to ilovemydogsomuch.

Her huge tumor, which she developed as she grew older and will eventually kill her. In "dog years," Kongji has had a full life, yet something is still wrong. Despite not experiencing any physical discomfort, she is withdrawing emotionally. She now has a different look in her eyes. She seemed to be far away.

She deliberately faces the other direction when her caregiver shouts her name. She prefers to be left alone. She also refuses to eat without a battle.

Then her human realizes it. Before that day arrives, Kongji longs for anything since she knows she is dying.

She was four years ago adopted by her human. She had already reached the age of nine. Authorities caught her walking the streets and took her to an animal shelter. Kongji was tidy and well-maintained. Without success, the volunteers at the shelter looked for her original owner. She was then sent to a different residence.

Is Kongji hoping to visit her birth mother one more time before she dies? Is this her last request? Her human concurs.

The human of Kongji visits the area where she was discovered four years ago. She makes inquiries and shows the villagers a photograph of Kongji. Although it has been a while, they all wish to assist. Kongji is left where she was discovered, on the street. Does she know what it is? Will she be able to find her former house?

In Kongji, something appears to brighten. She begins to move, but because she is too frail, she tumbles. Following that, Kongji's new human posts notices around the area asking whether anybody knows who she is.

They frequently return home since Kongji needs to spend up to 12 hours a day in an oxygen tank. Such a tiny warrior, she is! Kongji's human is still looking for her real owner as of right now. She spends her days making calls and returns to the area on a few days each week. She will persist until Kongji receives her last wish. She requests that we all contribute by spreading this tale!

Is the original owner of Kongji still alive? Will Kongji be able to bid farewell? Let's spread the word about this tale to aid them in their endeavor!
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