Sick mother dog pleads man to not abandon her and her newborn puppies in a heartbreaking footage

A mother cat is seen pleading with a guy not to abandon her and her babies.

A guy is seen driving his automobile and pickup truck into a rescue shelter's building.

He then gets out of the automobile while taking a mature pet with him. He also receives a box containing five fresh pups. The puppies' eyes were still closed.

The man is getting about to depart after leaving them at the front entrance of the house when the mother dog climbs on his legs and stops him in his tracks. She firmly planted her front legs on his, making it difficult for him to move as he tried to shake her off.

It appeared as though she was pleading with him to leave her and her children there by themselves. Sadly, her plea was unsuccessful. The man ultimately turned away.

When the shelter discovered the abandoned animals, they took them to the doctor for additional testing. The mother animal's initial diagnostic revealed that she had breast cancer.

Following a few tests, it was determined that the growth on her nipple regions wasn't cancer but rather pyometra, an equally dangerous uterine infection.

Once the puppies stop feeding, a treatment to remove the lump would need to be performed on the mother animal. To ensure they do not get their mother's sickness, they would also need to be sterilized.

As worried as they were, the shelter was also going through a financial crisis. Since the lockdown, they have experienced difficulties feeding the more than 1000 pets they are responsible for.

Contributions have drastically decreased, forcing them to continually search for additional ways to feed the animals. The man's carelessness not only increased their anxiety but also their craziness.

They presently face a significant obstacle in accepting the pet family members, so they have started a project on social media to raise money. Any donation, no matter how modest, would be gratefully accepted.

People were so nice as to spread the blog article and network donations through various channels.

Sadly, the animal shelter later reported that two of the newborn puppies had passed away.

Later information revealed that the individual who abandoned the mother dog and her puppies had actually contacted the director of the animal shelter to beg pardon, claiming that they were stray dogs and that he would not be able to take care of them since he had his own financial difficulties.
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