“My Husband Thinks I’m Crazy.” World’s Oldest Waterskier Is Nowhere Near Finished(photo)

This legendary lady is aging gracefully. It's well-deserved that Dwan Johnson Young has recently broken the record for the oldest waterskier in the world! This amazing woman is ninety-two years old.

Although it would be simple to assume that Dwan Johnson Young has only ever been a waterskier, that isn't the whole truth. Actually, Dwan didn't begin waterskiing until she was over thirty years old.

I'm not sure about you, but I find it simple to give up on attempting new things. When Dwan got on a waterski at age 29, she discovered her calling in life. She is now the world's oldest waterskier. How motivating is that?

It's even more amazing to hear her talk about her experiences with the sport.

"Waterskiing taught me to never give up on my goals," the perceptive nonagenarian told USA today.

It's obvious that she hasn't given up yet and doesn't plan to.

"My spouse believes I'm insane," Dwan Johnson Young clarified. Well, anything! He must be ecstatic to have a Guinness World Record in his home now! His stunning wife is the oldest waterskier in the world!

A true legend is Dwan Johnson Young. She was taken aback by the honor, but her true passion for the game keeps her afloat. The oldest waterskier in the world is a real motivation!

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