Sofía Vergara’s Voice Gets Goofy Makeover When She Inhales Helium On Jimmy Fallon(video)

Sofi­a Vergara and Jimmy Fallon are two of the funniest, most lovable celebrities out there. You can be sure that the show will be enjoyable when the two of them perform together.

However, combine the two of them and incorporate a helium balloon into the mixture? It just gets better, though!

In 2016, Jimmy Fallon posted a video on YouTube of his interview with Vergara on “The Tonight Show.” As much as Jimmy is known for his charm and charisma, he’s also known for the silly games he loves to play, especially the ones intended to playfully embarrass his guests. So when Jimmy pulls out a giant red balloon and hands it to Vergara, her skepticism is justified.

“Is it legal to inhale this thing on TV?” asks Vergara to the laughter of the audience.

Despite her reservations, she inhales a little helium and starts to speak: “My name – “

She can’t even get out the full sentence before collapsing into laughter! After all, she has one of the most distinctive voices in Hollywood – we’re so glad Jimmy chose her for this particular game! Jimmy is evidently delighted with himself, too.

“I’m so happy!” Jimmy says, joining the laugh assault. “I’m so happy this is happening!”

Even though she starts out unsure of the activity, once she gets going Vergara doesn’t want to stop!

Watch Vergara crack up the crowd, and herself, in the video below, and don’t forget to share.

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