Wait For It… Dog Finally Recognizes Soldier Mom After 8 Months Apart(video)

Welcome home festivities during military deployments are typically unique. Depending on the unit, military branch, and other specifics of the mission, a deployment may be brief or lengthy. When a soldier is deployed, family members may find it difficult to be apart from them. The festivities surrounding the welcome-home can be stressful, particularly for family members with pets. The reunion of a soldier and his dog might have very touching repercussions.

Her puppy was first hesitant to see his mother when the soldier returned home from an eight-month deployment. Murphy appeared expectantly, racing around a car when she initially called him. She crouched down to give him some puppy love, and he rushed up to within a few feet.

Murphy moved from waving his tail to tucking it and took a little detour to think things through. Murphy's mother took off and threw away the hat, believing that it may be the source of his confusion. Murphy barked a few of times, clearly confused about what to do.

Murphy needed some encouragement before realizing who was in front of him. The tail began to wag as soon as he crept up for a hug. He was all over his mother giving her hugs, puppy licks, and some jittery zoomies as soon as he realized he recognized her.

This film serves as a helpful reminder that our family finds separation challenging. Being apart from our loved ones, be they human or furry, is difficult! Observe Murphy's response upon his mother's return from deployment.

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