Classic Clip Of Kermit And Little Girl Singing The ‘ABCs’ Proves The Enduring Reach Of ‘Sesame Street’(video)

A timeless classic from "Sesame Street" features Kermit the Frog and a little girl named Joey attempting to recite the ABCs, captivating audiences worldwide, both young and old. Originally airing in the 1970s, the clip remains a cherished educational gem.

In the footage, Kermit gently prompts Joey to recite the alphabet. It becomes apparent that Joey is grappling with remembering the letters, resorting to making sounds after the letter "F." Kermit, displaying remarkable patience, provides encouragement, offers helpful hints, and sings along with her.

This clip holds a special place due to its authentic portrayal of early childhood education. Joey mirrors countless children in the early stages of learning about letters, numbers, and words. She exudes curiosity, eagerness, and occasional frustration. Kermit assumes the role of a supportive teacher, guiding her through the learning process and fostering understanding. Together, they establish a safe and encouraging environment, motivating Joey to persist even when she introduces a cute "cookie monster" instead of an actual letter.

Kermit's unwavering positivity and encouragement shine through, never scolding or criticizing Joey. Instead, he provides gentle corrections and supportive words, creating a positive and secure learning atmosphere that instills confidence in Joey and viewers alike.

Reposted on the r/videos forum on Reddit in 2013, the clip resonated with those who watched it in real-time, eliciting a flood of comments expressing nostalgia and fond memories triggered by this heartwarming educational moment.

Nostalgic viewers were tickled by the "Sesame Street" clip, with many sharing on Reddit that they were actually old enough to have watched it when they were kids. Others noted how endearing the end of the video was. In mock frustration, Kermit pretended to walk away, but Joey simply reacted with "I love you." Kermit returned the favor and received a kiss on the forehead for all his troubles.

"My absolute favorite Sesame Street video of all time. The kids never even see the adult just underneath them. These characters become so real to them when they start talking. … I love Jim's reaction to it all through Kermit though. Miss his warmth the most," an emotional user wrote.

Another user commented:

"I just loved that it's obvious there is a man with his hand up this puppet's butt in CLEAR view from the littler girl's perspective, but she has only eyes for Kermit. Like 'OH Kermit is here! And there's his friend who is holding him up so I can talk to him!' Dem nostalgia feels."

A fourth user wrote, "This clip is one of my fondest childhood memories. Probably around age 4 it was the first time I can remember truly laughing until I could not breathe. Seems a little silly, but the uncontrolable (sic) laughter became absolutely addicting from that point on. Laughing without caring. Was as if this flipped a switch in my brain. Rewatching it, I totally forgot about the part at the end. Aaaaaand mantears."

The clip continues to inspire generations of children, reminding them that learning is a journey that requires effort but that can also be fun and rewarding. And for the older set, it's a reminder of a far more innocent time when life felt far more carefree.
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