Stolen Teddy Bear With Woman’s Late Mother’s Voice Recording Returned After Ryan Reynolds Offers Reward

It can be extremely upsetting for some people not to have parents who live into their adult years. Any age can be traumatic to lose a parent, making the sentimental items they leave for us all the more crucial. People can attach meaning to anything that can provide solace and comfort during trying times, from clothes and electronics to even little items like a keychain.

The most precious item that was left to one woman in Vancouver, British Columbia, was a cute teddy bear produced in the build-a-bear workshop that had her mother's voice recorded over so that she could always listen to it. Prior to her death from cancer, Mara Soriano's mother left her a teddy bear with the message that Mara was loved and that her mother would always be by her side.

Sadly, Mara had to give the bear away because her possessions were taken from her car before her move in June 2020. Ryan Reynolds, a resident of Vancouver, saw her social media post after she posted it and instantly offered a $5,000 reward for the plush animal's return.

Reynolds' kind behavior not only made Mara's request more powerful, but it also turned out to be the nicest thing that ever happened to her because she was reunited with her treasured bear. In situations like these, it just goes to show how amazing certain celebrities are for using their influence for the greater good. Thankfully, these kinds of touching tales are occurring more frequently in today's connected society thanks to social media.

According to USA Today, Mara gave her bear the suitable moniker "Mamabear" and was devastated when it was lost. In June 2020, Mara was moving out of her Toronto condo and to Vancouver when her treasured bear, iPad, and Nintendo Switch were stolen. The bear held a farewell recorded message from her mother, Marilyn Sorano, who passed away from cancer in June 2019 at the age of 53, which is why it held such significance for her.

When the bear was kidnapped, Mara described her feelings to CBC News as follows:

"I'm just sad about it. I'm really heartbroken."

She continued by adding further information about the recording within the bear:

"Her voice changed when she was at the hospice. much gentler Not the mother I knew growing up. The last time I remember her speaking in her typical voice, it was to that bear. She assured me that she would always be by my side and that she loved and was proud of me."

Mara was born in the Philippines and migrated to Toronto, Canada, when she was barely nine years old. She went on:

"It makes me miss home. A Filipino message is written within the bear. I love you is said there, but in our language. So it's incredibly particular and very special. I only need to locate my bear. I only give a damn about that."

According to USA Today, Mara posted signs all over the place requesting that the individuals who stole her backpack return the bear while still allowing them to retain the devices. She solely cared about the teddy bear; nothing else.

When Ryan Reynolds saw Mara's tale on CBC, he made sure to share it on his own Twitter. As a result, Mara's message quickly went viral. He stated in his tweet, "Vancouver: $5,000 to the first person to get this bear back to Mara. No queries were posed. This bear has to return home, I believe." As an additional incentive, he added, "If you #FindMarasBear, I'll send you so much @AviationGin it'll be influenced by the tide." He even added more incentives for anyone to return the bear unharmed. Zach Braff, another famous person, tweeted, "I NEED THIS BEAR TO COME HOME!!!!"

Thousands of individuals copied Reynolds and Braff after they posted their messages. Reynolds' post appeared to have an effect on the bear's taker, and Mara's bear arrived unhurt, suggesting that the financial incentives might have also had an impact.

In a different tweet, Mara said that the bear had "NOT A SCRATCH ON HER AT ALL! Her voice is still there, but she is missing her glasses. Two good samaritans brought her back to us in a secure location." This was undoubtedly reason for joy and demonstrated the influence social media has nowadays.

Mara expressed her gratitude to Reynolds for bringing attention to her tale to CBC News, saying, "I'm so tremendously glad for the awareness boost that (Reynolds) provided to this kind of narrative," and that it was "simply incredible that someone like him would take note on someone like me."
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