The tiny man wanders off on his own but finds the wagon and puts on his harness.

When those who have experienced hurt utilize love to assist others, it is beautiful! 

Over 4,000 beagle pups were saved by the Homeward Trails animal sanctuary in the District of Columbia from the Envigo facility in Cumberland, where they were being bred to be sent to labs for testing.

The first set of puppies were taken from the Envigo breeding facility on July 21. Since then, WJLA has been keeping a careful eye on their development. The institution was also forced to close in May as a result of [allegations of Animal Welfare Act violations].

ProMedica Skilled Nursing contacted out and inquired as to if any freshly rescued puppies could be allowed to visit the nursing home in order to bring some puppies to visit their patients and provide them joy.

It's wonderful that the Homeward Trails crew consented, and these amazing pictures have been captured!!!

Six-week-old beagles saved from a breeding facility visited elderly residents of a nursing home in Fairfax County, Virginia, on Wednesday. The elderly residents were ecstatic!

Carol Brashares, a resident of a nursing home, said, "We had a terrier, and it was nice to see a puppy again." I love puppies the most.

The good news is that adoptions of pups have finally increased. It's hard to fathom what they went through at the hatchery, but it's all over now!

The young animals are still adjusting to life in general. They are learning how to create and share their enjoyment!

Both the elderly and the pups will benefit greatly from this.

A win-win scenario exists! This is really necessary!
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