Young Boy With Terminal Illness Had His Final Wish Come True Then He Passed Away In Santa Clause’s Arms(video)

Giving gifts to one another is a common Christmas tradition, and most of the time, the entire family gathers to enjoy this joyous event. But there was a depressing tale of a local Santa Claus who made the decision to grant a youngster his one last request.

A mechanical engineer called Eric Schmitt-Matzen, the president and owner of Packing Seals & Engineering in Jacksboro, is reported to dress up as everyone's favorite Christmas symbol each year, according to a BBC News article from December 2016. Sadly, one day he got a startling call asking for his Santa in a unique situation.

He was informed that a five-year-old kid who was afflicted with an unidentified medical ailment wanted to visit him, so he hurried to a Tennessee hospital right once.

In order to be "the happy guy" and help the little kid forget his troubles, Schmitt-Matzen advised family members to leave the room if they were going to be upset or weep the entire time he was there.

"It's serious, leave the room now. In an interview with WCBD News 2 in December 2016, he recalled assuring the family, "Afterwards, I'll sit out there and I'll cry with you."

When he arrived, the young guy received a gift from him—a toy that the boy's mother had purchased from the cartoon series "Paw Patrol." Schmitt-Matzen assisted him as he "could barely unwrap it."

He said that he had already arranged the gift for the youngster, who had been requesting the item for a while.

He remembered at the time that the small youngster was more worried about missing the Christmas celebrations than he was about dying since, for the most part, children are quite innocent and do not really comprehend the notion of death.

Schmitt-Matzen, disguised as Santa Claus, told the youngster he was "Santa's number one elf" when he "gets up those pearly gates" in response to the boy's question about where he would go after death. This was reported by NBC News.

The tiny child sat up, hugged him, and said, "Santa, can you help me?" when they had finished their conversation. Sadly, the young child died in his grasp at that same time.

He said, "I looked up, tears streaming down my face, and looked over at the window and that's when (his) mom started screaming." That's when he felt the life drain from him.

He hurried out of the hospital as soon as possible after the incident.

"I seen my fair share of (things) during my four years in the Army with the 75th Rangers. However, I went by the nursing station sobbing uncontrollably," he remembered.

He was unable to let go of the sentimental event, and at one point he considered giving up on his Santa Claus costume. However, he later saw that he had to act in the children's best interests.

"Seeing all those kids laughing made me feel like I belonged again." It helped me see the part I must play. For both of us, he remarked.

Additionally, he said to BBC News, "I'll do it if somebody calls." Though it aches, I'll persevere.

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