Dog Finally Found A Forever Home After 11 Years Roaming On The Street!(5 photos)

The fact that the deaf dog was saved makes my heart joyful.

The lifespan of a dog is between 10 and 13 years, but Solo, a po.or dog, has been living on the streets of Los Angeles without a home for for nine years!

Solo fell to the ground on a woman's doorstep because he was elderly, deaf, emaciated, and too tired and weak to walk. When the woman saw him, she gave him the name Solovino “Spanish for he came alone”.

She sent him to San Francisco with a foster family after getting in touch with Rocket Dog Rescue for help. However, the foster parents may have adopted Solo before repeatedly a.ban.doning him since they thought he was deaf and an old burden.

Carol Messina stumbled upon a photo of Solo online one day and realized she had to save him. She wants to be with this poor puppy because she knows how upset and sad Solo has been.

Solo had a hearing impairment—he was deaf—and anytime someone caressed him, he didn't feel comfortable since he couldn't hear them approaching. Messina immediately noticed this. Solo also experiences pain from a dental issue.

He was thankfully helped by Messina with surgery to fix his teeth. The nicest part was that Solo eventually started to trust her when she exhibited her affection for the dog as well. He was joyful once more and seemed younger!

Love has a powerful emotional impact. Messina, I appreciate you telling Solo that he deserves to be cherished.

So grateful you are in a loving, secure home, baby! Enjoy your new existence! 

God bless you and thank you for providing this kid a loving forever home! 
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