Kindhearted man gets creative to warm up a pigeon shivering outside his window(video)

All of us occasionally need a little warmth and sympathy.

By attempting to warm a pigeon in the most inventive manner, a guy from Turkey showed amazing sensitivity and generosity.

Sabahattin Ylmaz was at home on a cold day. After the rain had stopped, a pigeon was sitting on the ledge outside his window. It was chilly and damp.

The animal, shivering and drenched, was unable to find refuge before the rain began.

Ylmaz came up with a plan to dry the unfortunate bird.

Instead of taking him up and bringing him inside to warm up, Ylmaz dried him off with a hairdryer. He was unaware that his neighbor had videotaped the entire event.

In the video, Ylmaz can be seen leaning out of his window. He extended his arm as far as he could to touch the bird. The bird let the man to warm him up while crouching to let his outer feathers air dry.

Turkish native Ylmaz, who is from Sultangazi, claimed to have taken fifteen minutes to dry off the bird. He said that when he noticed the bird, he had just opened his window. He said it was damp and "ready to freeze" because of the cold and rainy weather.

After waiting for Ylmaz to offer him birdseed for fifteen minutes, the pigeon happily ate it. The bird was still damp, despite this.

According to Ylmaz, I warmed the pigeon back up when it had recovered, and after it had consumed a sizable amount of seed, it took flight.

Furthermore, he had no idea he was being filmed and that the clip was being broadcast online. Simply said, he did it out of charity.

The pigeon was a living thing and deserved to live, therefore I did it for that reason, he said.

Another similar story included the kindest folks saving a tiny bird that was hurt.

Uber driver Christy Gunn received a pickup notification on a Saturday night. She felt anxious as soon as she arrived at the site.

Four individuals who were obviously drunk were going to get into her automobile.

Three or four males were having drinks in the yard when Christy arrived, she said. Oh no, I think. They probably understand that they can't bring their alcohol in my car.

Christy wasn't prepared for what followed.

One of the workers, Tim Crowley, approached her window and informed her that they had discovered a Lesser Goldfinch that required emergency medical care.

At first, it was meant to be a joke. For example, "Hey, maybe we should simply call Uber!" said Tim. Next, we replied, "No, truly." What is the issue? They are being compensated.

He said that because they had consumed alcohol, they couldn't transport the bird to the facility. Christy was asked whether she would be willing to transport it to the Northern Utah Wildlife Rehabilitation Center.

They hired Christy as their second driver after the first driver turned down their request after learning about their peculiar request.

The men handed her the little bird in a box after the Uber driver nodded in agreement. It was cushioned with a few leaves by its rescuers as a makeshift bed. Christy arrived at the spot by car and carried the bird inside.

Apart from saving the bird, Christy liked that the men were responsible enough to recognize they shouldn't drive given their state.

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