Her lover proposed to her and presented her with a stunning diamond ring. When the woman discovered the receipt in his pocket, things changed.

A woman complained on the Internet that the ring she received with her marriage proposal was too little and inexpensive rather than being delighted that she would spend the rest of her life with her loving partner.

"He proposed to me in a white gold solitaire diamond ring, and I accepted. I was delighted to accept, but when I saw the ring, I was let down. The size of the stone was a challenge.

I'm not bothered by the ring per se. I would also have gone with a solitary diamond. However, I detest the size of the stone and the color of the gold.

The cost of the engagement ring was another issue that the new fiancée had. She was upset to learn that her lover was a touch "cheap" on the receipt.

He makes a good living and is often quite giving. On such a significant piece of jewelry, it would have been reasonable to anticipate that he would spend more.

Everyone who read this woman's message undoubtedly had unfavorable things to say about it.

She was persuaded by her family and friends to not stress too much about the ring's price or beauty.
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