The Queen Left Behind A Secret Letter In A Glass Display That Won’t Be Opened Until 2085

The British royal family has left its impact on the globe for many, many decades and is famous for a variety of reasons. People have viewed their lavish weddings and continued to be mesmerized by their breathtaking photos. The royal family never misses an opportunity to make their presence known, whether it's by waving from the balcony of Buckingham Palace or by making a big entrance during a public event.

Sadly, Queen Elizabeth II's reign as ruler of England came to an end on September 8, 2022, after an astounding 70 years of rule. Following a prior announcement from Buckingham Palace that she was receiving medical care, she passed away while visiting her residence in Balmoral. As numerous family members gathered to be at her side in her dying moments, it was a terrible day for the royal family.

She accomplished a tremendous number of things before she went away. The queen demonstrated there was no stopping her despite living to the astounding age of 96. After she celebrated 70 years as Queen of the United Kingdom and 15 Commonwealth nations in February 2022, 2022 was a significant year for Elizabeth. She was the first British queen to rule for seven decades, making this a historic achievement not only for her but for the entire globe.

The queen also wrote a letter that was sealed and stashed away in the Queen Victoria Building in Australia many years before she passed away. It will not be accessible until 2085.

Over the course of her 96 years, the queen accomplished a great deal, 70 of which were spent as the British monarch. She also had a propensity to behave in her own way, even when doing so meant going against the grain, despite the fact that she helped uphold traditions while serving as a working royal.

With regard to the custom of having a top politician present for each royal birth, Elizabeth was quite the trailblazer. According to historian Kate Williams, "up until then, Prime Ministers and Home Secretaries were going to watch it, not in the chamber but outside."

King George VI, the father of Elizabeth, however, was opposed to it. "A senior politician was always there to witness royal births, but the Queen's father refused. He ended that procedure as a result. He remarked, "We are not going to have this witness, even if she is giving birth to the successor to the kingdom," Williams said.

Additionally breaking with convention, Elizabeth invited her late husband, Prince Philip, to witness the birth of their youngest son.

As more royal children were born, the queen undoubtedly had a lasting influence on subsequent royal generations. Additionally, she took sure to leave a legacy beyond of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth.

The Sydney Morning Herald claims that the Queen Victoria Building (QVB) in Sydney, Australia, has a hidden dome high above it. It is evocative of the domes of St. Peter's in Rome, Italy, and St. Paul's Cathedral in London, England. The QVB management team has made every effort to keep the dome off-limits to the general public and to any workers on the lower floors.

But in October 2012, during what was referred described as one of the "secret tours," tour groups were let inside. They could see the area between the copper outer dome and the interior stained glass dome there. Views of the city below were also accessible to guests.

"It offers you the chance to explore and appreciate homes that are ordinarily off limits or that you might have been passing past every day and longed to see inside," said Kate Clark, director of the Historic Houses Trust of NSW.

For Australians and visitors alike, the secret tours may have previously been thrilling, but something much more mysterious is buried within the QVB. The Sydney Morning Herald claims that during her visit, Queen Elizabeth II inserted a covert note into a time capsule. She then interred it someplace beneath the main dome. QVB manager Natalie Douglas stated, “Nobody understands what it says.”

The exterior of the letter's envelope from the late queen is on display, according to The History of Sydney. The envelope is signed by the queen and says:

The Lord Mayor of Sydney, Australia, The Rt. Hon. Greetings. Please open this envelope and deliver my message to the people of SYDNEY on a suitable day of your choosing in the year 2085 A.D.

The letter was written after the QVB's reopening in 1986, therefore it was likely written with the idea that it would be read almost precisely 100 years later, according to the History of Sydney.

The people will have something to look forward to in the many, many years to come as we patiently wait to find out what the queen's secret letter says, even if she is no longer among us.
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