He cries with sadness and refuses to eat after being returned only 3 days after being adopted

The tale of Pacho serves as a metaphor for human greed.

Puppies are honorable creatures that cling to those who show them some attention. This is why, when you visit, they seem to be following people or won't allow you leave their house.

The scenario is made much more uncomfortable when we take into account a fuzzy homeless person. Since kids get fascinated by every person who gives them a fleeting glance after seeing tragedy on the pavements.

According to androdass.com, Pacho was paying in a different currency because of this.

The dog is only a little over a year old.

After a family decided to adopt him, Pacho joyfully departed the kennel in Puglia (Italy), where he had been residing for the previous six months.

The fuzzy one's happiness was shared by everyone there because finding a home was almost a dream come true for him. The story became a nightmare when the puppy was turned down once more.

Three days after being adopted, Pacho was going back to the pound.

As if it were a toy, they placed the beast back in the cage after promising to provide it refuge.

The incident left the dog disappointed and unhappy, and he had no clue what had happened.

As a result of his disappointment, Pacho has stopped eating; he used to weigh 23 kilograms before this tragic event, but now he only weighs 20. The poor animal dropped 10 pounds in only a few hours.

They may not have been certain about the adoption and may not have intended to hurt the animal, but they are oblivious of the catastrophic effects that their actions will have on the animal's life.

Pacho doesn't explain why he's still there or why they stopped looking for him after the first time.

The dog has a history of being shy, so the behavior of the animal has everyone on the property on high alert. He used to play with his kennel friends, but now he doesn't seem to want to.

No animal should ever be abandoned, and Pacho's tragedy is a prime example of human selfishness. By sharing this case, you may help us spread awareness. Only adopt when you are absolutely certain!
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