Jennifer Lopez Proclaims Love For Ben Affleck, Admits He Makes Her The ‘Happiest’ She’s Been

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, often known as "Bennifer," haven't been able to keep their romance out of the news since they reconnected in 2021. Any A-list celebrity couple is entertaining to follow, but Bennifer is one of the classic couples of the recent years. The fact that both performers are well-known for their respective accomplished careers—Affleck is an actor and director, while Lopez is a singer and actress—is one factor in this.

In addition, the pair has a notorious, colorful dating past. On the set of the movie "Gigli," the two met in 2001. In 2002, they started dating, and in 2003, they announced their engagement. Sadly, though, they had to postpone their nuptials, and in 2004 they made the decision to call it quits.

The duo established themselves as a famous celebrity couple when they were dating. The two of them were usually seen cuddling in a ton of paparazzi images that routinely made headlines. Affleck's appearance in Lopez's music video for her song "Jenny from the Block" prompted further press.

They split up in 2004, and both went on to find other spouses. While Affleck and Lopez divorced in 2014, the year that Lopez married Marc Anthony, Affleck married Jennifer Garner in 2005, and the two remained married until 2018.

When Lopez and Affleck were both finally back on their own in 2021, they made the decision to reconcile. Lopez announced their relationship on social media in July of that year. Bennifer ultimately got married in July 2022, barely one year after they had started dating.

In a social media video showing the pair canoodling and reaffirming their love for one another in November 2022, Lopez flaunted her happiness.

When the pair first rekindled their relationship in 2021, they were spotted making out at the gym. At the time, a source revealed to PEOPLE: "They were kissing, embracing, and holding hands. They weren't attempting to conceal their relationship. They genuinely enjoy one other's company and being together."

The pair worked hard to meet up while they were still in a distant relationship. One more insider reported: "To make things work, they will make as many trips back and forth as they can. They no longer desire to remain hidden. Both of them are enthusiastic about their connection. They want to ensure that they take all possible step to make this happen. Jennifer is over the moon. With Ben, she feels free to be who she truly is."

In an interview, Lopez talked openly about her connection with the host, Zane Lowe, saying:

"My life has never been better. I've truly reached a point in my life where I thrive alone. And once you reach that point, I believe that incredible things start to happen to you that you could never have imagined occurring again in your life. It's the finest moment, and I simply want everyone to know that. I'm living my best life right now."

Lopez also discussed with PEOPLE how their relationship has changed over the past 18 years:

We need to be extremely aware of those factors since we are now older, wiser, more experienced, at different stages of life, and have children.

After only a brief courtship, the pair married again in 2022 and went on a much documented honeymoon to Paris. Because of their famed trips and widespread devotion, it is obvious that Bennifer is incredibly in love and not ashamed to flaunt it.

Lopez shared a TikTok with her lover to create the most recent chapter in the couple's love story. The brief teaser showed Lopez and Affleck cuddling together while a girl's voiceover was played over top and read:

I've discovered the one who makes me the happiest I've ever been, girls.

Before beaming with grins and making it clear they were deeply in love, the pair gave the camera a solemn look.

Lopez also posted the video on her Instagram, where it received a ton of feedback from both fans and famous people. A admirer commented, "Cuteness overload," and Paris Hilton, Jenna Dewan, and Leslie Mann all reacted with love heart emojis.

A few readers did have one issue, though: they thought the couple's loud gum-chewing detracted from the sweetness of the occasion. It was even described as "very disgusting" by one devotee.

With a mixture of supporters and detractors of their relationship, Lopez and Affleck clearly don't appear to give a damn about the naysayers. In a November 2022 interview with Vogue, Lopez discussed her recent marriage and acquiring Affleck's last name. She claimed that despite what others have said, she was "proud" to do so.

"I'll continue to be referred to as Jennifer Lopez. But because we're married, my legal name will be Mrs. Affleck. We are a married couple. I'm pleased with it. That doesn't seem to be an issue, "the performer added.

When asked if she preferred that Aflleck go by Mr. Lopez, the singer responded: "No! It's not customary. It lacks any romantic elements. You understand what I mean when I say it feels like a power move? I feel powerful as a woman and as a person because I have a strong sense of control over my life and my future."
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