Mike Rowe shares the 'secret' behind his parent's marriage of 62 years in heartwarming post

Nowadays, it almost seems like marriages fail on a regular basis. However, examples of long-lasting marriages emerge, offering everyone a glimmer of hope.

Mike Rowe, a television personality, chose to reveal his parent's long-lasting marriage's secret after realizing how uncommon it is for marriages to continue 62 years.

Peggy Rowe, Mike Rowe's mother, used Facebook to post advice on how to keep a committed relationship going strong. Mike forwarded the article on his Facebook page and started it with a note about his mother, "Mom will be 85 in January. Mom turns 90 on Monday. They have now been together for 62 years. Over the years, they have picked up some knowledge.

His mother continued in the original article by outlining their whole relationship from the start. John was 28 years old when we first met, fresh out of the Army and utilizing the GI Bill, according to Peggy. I had been enjoying a wealthy life since I was 22.

Peggy's mother had doubts about their relationship and was certain it would not last. Her description of John as a "joyless person from a troubled household" with just a genuine interest in history. Peggy had a strong affinity towards horses. Although they didn't seem to have a lot of hobbies, the couple had enough love for one another to get through.

Even though the majority of people, including Peggy's mother, thought the relationship would end in heartbreak, the pair moved through with their own plans. "Our lives were intertwined in no time," Mike writes. We became friends, joined a church, and worked it out together as instructors.

In just five years, the couple produced three boys together, creating a lovely family.

She wrote "About Your Father and Other Celebrities I Have Known: Ruminations and Revelations from a Desperate Mother to Her Dirty Son," obviously alluding to her son Mike Rowe's hit show, Dirty Jobs, which explains Peggy's verbosity.

The pair has experienced loss on an equal basis. Having lost two sets of parents, several siblings, and dealing with bladder cancer, breast cancer, and heart issues.

Even though they claim to only holding hands while strolling as their only public displays of affection, the pair is very much in love with one another.

"Recently, it's more of a support issue. There isn't another person I would rather share my ideas, my meals, my writing, and my bed with. To commemorate their 62nd wedding anniversary, Peggy wrote, "I can't see how any couple can cross the occasionally difficult terrain of marriage without a whole lot of love.
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