P!nk Forbids Daughter Willow, 11, From Having A Phone Until She Can Prove Social Media Is Good For Her

P!nk has consistently demonstrated to the public that despite being an A-list star and musician, she can still be a fantastic mother to two children without their feeling neglected.

The pop artist, 43, is still making waves in the entertainment business despite it having been almost 20 years since her debut single reached the Billboard Hot 100. The singer, whose successes include "Get the Party Started" and "There You Go," was born in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, on September 8, 1979.

Alecia Beth Moore, better known by her stage as P!nk, started her musical career in a female group. She went solo in 1999 at the age of 20 when that didn't work out, and she hasn't looked back since.

The punk princess, in addition to being a forerunner in the music industry, has become well-known for her eccentric hairstyles throughout the course of her career. The singer is praised for not just changing the game for the pop industry with her edgier songs but also for her candor, transparency, and vulnerability.

P!nk is lauded for her amazing and ingenious parenting methods, which have inspired many on social media. P!nk said that she has a particular rule for Willow, her 11-year-old daughter, with relation to her usage of cell phones and social media in general during an interview with 103.5 KTU.

Kids as young as 10 already have their own social media profiles, and small children as young as age 5 already know how to use a smartphone. P!nk, who brought attention to the harmful effects of social media on youngsters, is still hesitant to give Willow access to a phone.

After getting married in 2006, P!nk and former motocross racer Carey Hart began a family. The power couple had their son Jameson Moon Hart in December 2016 after having their first kid, Willow, in June 2011. P!nk is a devoted mother, but her family life doesn't appear to have interfered with her job.

The year 2021 saw a significant turning point in Willow's singing career as she and her mother jointly published their debut song, "Cover Me In Sunshine." The song had its premiere on the video-sharing social media site TikTok before receiving an official release from RCA Records.

During an interview on Drew Barrymore's show, P!nk described how close she is to her daughter:

We have a terrific relationship, and Willow and I chat about practically anything, according to P!nk.

P!nk has a lot of faith in her daughter. She also admitted during an interview that she would give the woman a job while they were on tour throughout the nation. She didn't define her daughter's position, but she did tell TODAY that she would be paying her the minimum wage, which varies based on the state in which she works.

P!nk stated that Willow "has a job on tour." We just had to exceed the minimum pay, which varies from state to state.

P!nk claimed that even though she had first given $22.50 each concert, her daughter became confused by the math. She ultimately decided to give Willow $25 instead. The singer acknowledged that she still has to teach her kid stronger negotiating skills.

Nevertheless, despite the intimate bond between mother and daughter and the trust P!nk has shown Willow over the years, the pop diva continues to forbid her from giving her a cell phone. Willow is the only 11-year-old in her class without a phone, and P!nk discussed this in an interview with Carolina Bermudez and Greg T for 103.5 KTU.

"It's tough. I don't have my kids on TikTok like many of my friends do. 'That just doesn't move my needle,' I said to Willow. They aren't my children. You are my child, she said. She also has a lot of people watching her.

Because Willow is a famous person's kid, having a phone and using social media are more challenging for her. P!nk did, however, mention that her daughter has a watch that she can text from in case of an emergency or if she needs to be picked up from school a bit later or earlier.

However, it doesn't follow that P!nk won't ever permit Willow to have a phone or a social media account. She does, in fact, have a condition.

"I told her up front: "If you can show me written material from a reliable source that claims social media is beneficial for you, then you can use it.'" If not, good luck," she said.

P!nk praises Willow for her tenacity and intelligence, saying: "She might be a lawyer! The bar test was practically within her grasp. Good luck! She could genuinely come upon that material.
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