This Grandfather Volunteers As A 'Baby Buddy' For Newborns At Intensive Care Unit

People who adore children can't help but be envious of one grandfather's position in the neonatal intensive care unit. He is known as "baby buddy." David Deutchman has worked at the hospital for twelve years and is known as the "ICU grandfather." The Children's Healthcare of Atlanta's parents, kids, and infants will always be grateful to David for his kindness. The story was covered by Fox News.

According to Fox News, David visits the hospital twice a week to hold and visit with ill or preterm newborns. He claims that some of his pals don't understand why he would want to regularly run the danger of getting poop and vomit on him from children.

The old guy claimed that twelve years ago, after being injured while jogging, he was receiving rehabilitation at the hospital. He claimed he spoke with some of the infants' moms for a while and was moved by their predicament. After having these discussions, he claims, he made the decision to participate.

The pediatric intensive care unit was where he originally focused his attention. The newborn care unit's pediatric intensive care patients were the focus of his next round of outreach.

David claims the encounter was fantastic. He claims that it provides him both something to do and purpose at a period of their lives that may otherwise become monotonous. He claims that he never knows which kids and parents he will see when he arrives to the hospital for a visit.

David claims that he switches days between the two residences. He spends his Tuesdays with the pediatric patients, while his Thursdays are spent in the newborn unit.

At the hospital, Elizabeth Mittiga works as a nurse. She expresses her gratitude to David for his dedication to his voluntary work and claims that he is a godsend to the nursing staff and the infants they look after. A human presence, she claimed

"...certainly helps just to feel that warmth and comfort. I believe it helps them gain weight more quickly, mature quicker, and have better feed digestion, among other benefits related to feeding. In Cosmopolitan, she spoke.

David's own two children are both more than fifty years old. He has two grandkids as well. David claims that he does not anticipate ever leaving the hospital's patients' children.

The following video features this hero:

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