Older dog weeps in agony as he sees himself left behind and taken with a younger canine.(4 photos)

All dogs have some of the greatest hearts in the whole world, but when negligent owners sever their bonds of devotion, our souls are torn apart. Given everything they done for us, why is it so difficult to repay them? 

We are shaken by this story, but we also believe that everything will turn out okay for these helpless animals.

The Cocker Spaniel female named Cookie, 15, is brought to a shelter in San Bernardino, California. She came with another 1-year-old Labrador retriever, though, and at first they were picked up under the impression that they were lost.

However, the crew afterwards learned the tragic reality...

The world's only request for the dog is to be loved and cared for. It found out that Cookie was a member of a family, but for some odd reason, its unhappy owners abandoned both of their puppies.

They arrived to confirm them after recognizing his relatives thanks to his microchip. They were quite unsure of what to think of till they ultimately made the decision to take the farmer for themselves, with iron hearts.

Cookies couldn't be accepted because OC Small Paws So UT, another shelter that took care of the dog after that horrific incident, could no longer meet her medical requirements, according to Lynn Hamilton.

When the family and Labrador Retriever died, poor Cookie sobbed and moaned in agony at the grief of being left behind by people who were meant to be her lovers.

The shelter employee described the situation as "heartbreaking," adding, "I was screaming in anguish, I didn't comprehend what was happening."

Cookie is alone and abandoned. She has no other friends.

Since euthanasia would undoubtedly be her fate where she was, the tragic tale of this tiny puppy immediately became viral on the networks. Fortunately, some good individuals showed up and found her a foster home while keeping an eye on her wellbeing.

It was unquestionably the nicest thing that could have happened to him. The finest second opportunity of her life was granted to her, and in that house she found happiness and cleanliness.

He enjoyed playing, and his hurt and shattered heart was already starting to mend.

He faces a lengthy battle, though. He had more than 12 malignant growths, which were detected during an emergency operation and a trip to the veterinarian. Fortunately, he was able to remove the majority of them.

She is now seen comfortable and on the verge of recovery thanks to the excellent work of the veterinarians and the affection that surrounds her. The missing tumors will be removed later on during a second procedure.

The OC Small Paws said on Facebook that they had decided not to put the dog up for adoption. She will spend the remainder of her life in a nearby foster home under the care of the shelter. Our veterinarian will also be responsible for her treatment.

Cookie and her fresh foster mother

Cookie went from being an abandoned dog, devoid of hope and misery, to one that is surrounded by a team that loves her in just about a month.

Spread the word about this uplifting yet painful tale on the responsibilities of pet ownership. NOT a game at all!
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