Woman Says She’ll ‘Never Stop’ Plastic Surgery After Spending $49,000 To Resemble Marilyn Monroe

In the last several years, plastic surgery has become more and more popular. While some individuals have the procedure to seem like a better version of themselves, others undergo it to imitate someone else, generally a celebrity. That is the case for a 23-year-old Los Angeles lady called Serena Smith who has spent $49,000 on plastic surgery to resemble Golden Age of Hollywood actresses Jayne Mansfield and Marilyn Monroe.

Smith has spent money on plastic surgery for the past six years, and despite having undergone a number of significant surgeries, such as fillers, a rhinoplasty, a Brazilian butt lift, and breast implants, she has no plans to stop. She's really preparing to have bigger implants placed during her second breast augmentation.

In December 2016, when she was 18 years old, she had her first surgical procedure to increase the size of her 32A breasts to a 32DD. She then had a $11,500 nose operation to give herself a "Hollywood nose," and she frequently receives Botox and fillers in her lips.

Smith didn't hold back when detailing how painful the operations were in his interview with the Daily Mail. Despite the fact that she had to "wear a compression garment 23 hours a day for two months" and that she was "sore all over covered in bruises and very swollen," she said she didn't regret having the BBL surgery done. She also admitted that she felt like she'd been hit by a truck after the procedure.

On the contrary, she is eagerly anticipating her next major procedure to replace her little breast implants with bigger ones. To the Daily Mail, she stated:

I'm greatly looking forward to my next procedure, which will be a revision of my breast augmentation to increase the size of the implants from 500 cc to 1,000 cc on each side.

To ensure that her new "extra-large implants... would have proper proportions and (her) physique would be symmetrical," Smith said she wanted to have the BBL completed first.

"I didn't want to seem like an upside-down triangle, in my view, it's all about balance to produce a really nice image."

The influencer and aspiring singer, who has 21,000 Instagram followers and a tiny but increasing fan base, is "extremely delighted with the outcomes" of the new "curvier style" she was going for. She acknowledged that after healing, "you forget the recovery process," but that during the process, "you feel horrible."

However, the aspiring actress stated that she'll "never stop" receiving plastic surgery and said that "everything is worth it for that newfound confidence." Added her:

"Pain is beauty, as they say, and everything that makes my life happier and more secure is worth it to me."

She is frank about the maintenance required to sustain a young appearance when she completes her makeover, showing that she is already planning for the future. Surgery, she claimed, "gives me a sense of power."

Smith is unconcerned by the numerous so-called detractors on social media since her main goal is to make herself genuinely happy. Added her:

It's an investment in yourself, therefore I prefer to keep becoming better.
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