Friendly Baby Sea Lion Climbs On Board And Cuddles With Boater in California(video)

A California boater had a once-in-a-lifetime meeting with a juvenile sea lion, which he described as a "life changing experience."

When J.R. Gilkinson noticed the sea lion pup swimming close to his boat, he was roughly two miles off the Californian coast of Newport Beach.

Gilkinson claimed in a YouTube video that the dog "looked tired" and that it ultimately climbed up aboard his boat!

The sea lion youngster went a step further and decided to become friends with Gilkinson, which is more than most people get to experience.

The dog was characterized as "trusting" by the boater, and the video shows exactly how trusting the little fellow is! In fact, the sea lion approached Gilkinson and sat on his lap to be petted.

His new human pals were more than eager to let him explore the area right away and he started to stroll about right away.

It's so priceless, that Gilkinson describes it as a "life-changing experience" and a day he will "never forget."

The little sea lion played and cuddled with his new pal while rolling all over him.

The little sea lion eventually stayed on board for more than an hour and didn't leave until the boat had entered the harbor. What a fantastic sea day!

"One of the BEST DAYS OF MY LIFE," Gilkinson said on YouTube.

I'm certain that neither of their lives will ever be the same as a result of the lovely sea lion's encounter with the shocked boaters.

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