Toddler Born With Rare Hair Syndrome Is One Of Roughly 100 Confirmed Cases Worldwide(photo)

The wild mane of a 17-month-old infant has gone viral. The syndrome of uncombable hair affects Layla Davis.

The hair shafts are impacted by Uncombable Hair syndrome, according to The color and texture of the hair may often be used to identify the condition. People with this uncommon illness often have straight, wheat-colored blonde or silvery blonde hair.

Their hair is frequently described as being dry and coarse. According to Dr. Luis Garza, a dermatology professor at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, this illness is actually a hereditary disorder that affects how hair develops and is not hazardous. Garza told the site, "If you cut off the bottom of a hair cylinder, you'd see a circle. When cut, the hair of a person with this disease resembles a triangle and has an odd groove. The individual's capacity to maintain it is directly impacted by the various patterns in which the hair grows.

Less than one in 1,000 persons, according to Garza, will experience Uncombable Hair Syndrome. But just 100 people worldwide have this uncommon illness, including Layla. Layla's mother, Charlotte Davis, expressed to Daily Mail how happy she was that her daughter's disease had finally been identified as well as how Layla's unruly hair had given rise to amusing nicknames.

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Layla's hair started to alter as she aged, according to Charlotte, who spoke to the Daily Mail.

According to the mother of two, "She was fluffy from the time she was one." After that, it expanded much more outside.

At first, she believed Layla's hair would ultimately straighten out and remained in denial. The dedicated mother was relieved to learn that Layla had Uncombable Hair Syndrome.

Due of its rarity, I am quite happy to have received the diagnosis, Charlotte stated. "There are only 100 individuals in the world who have it; the odds of her having it are very low," I said after delaying getting her checked.

She's been given a few humorous nicknames because of her wild hair. Charlotte admitted to using nicknames like Boris Johnson and Albert Einstein on her kid.

Even though Layla is still a toddler, Charlotte has seen that the 17-month-old is starting to pay more attention to her hair, primarily as a result of people noticing it.

Charlotte used to do it independently, but she now does it when other people touch and ruffle her hair.

She stated, "My two-year-old kid has seen that his hair isn't the same. He occasionally rubs both of their hair at once.

As her kid gets older and starts to understand her distinctions, Charlotte hopes that she will teach her daughter how "wonderful" her differences are. "I don't believe she appreciates how great it is," she said. "I just want her to know that even if she looks different, it's fantastic as she grows older."

When the kid enters adolescence, the condition can just go away on its own. As an uncommon condition, its causes are still being investigated.

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