108-year-old meets namesake grandson before passing away – “You don’t know what this means”(video)

I believe that as we get older, our interests and goals change. For instance, the things I like doing at forty were very different from the ones I enjoyed doing at twenty.

I haven't yet reached that point, but I can only assume that this emotion intensifies as one approaches the conclusion of their natural life.

Of course, certain things, like love for one's own family, never really alter. If anything, becoming older seems to make you truly appreciate the relationships and bonds you have with your family; perhaps this is why so many people are so very proud of and happy to become grandparents.

The knowledge that your genes and legacy will be passed on to future generations is sufficient for the majority of people to age contentedly. Even at the ripe old age of 108, Canadian Esmond Allcock's heart melted when he witnessed it.

Esmond was well on his way to becoming Canada's senior citizen back in 2018. He reportedly was born in 1910, and he had a long and fulfilling life.

Esmond started off as a devoted spouse, then he was a loving father, grandfather, and finally great-grandfather. He tried his best to remain in touch with everyone and was a constant in his descendants' life for more than three decades.

Jenna Lehne, his great-granddaughter, chose to really honor Esmond by naming her baby after him when she became pregnant. A live great-great-grandparent was something that very few of us had when baby Esmond was born.

Unexpectedly, none of Esmond's 70 descendants had been given his name at that time, so Jenna and her husband decided to break the mold in the most lovely way possible.

Jenna accompanied her newborn kid to meet his great-great grandfather after the delivery. Sadly, though, Esmond didn't recognize her because of his elderly age.

He wasn't sure who I was when we got there. He was aware of my grandparents, but he had some reservations about me, Jenna said to LoveWhatMatters.

Even yet, Esmond was unable to take his gaze off of the adorable infant. The 108-year-old immediately recalled Jenna as the young girl he had assisted in teaching to crawl and eventually walk in the midst of this intergenerational gathering.

Jenna reported that Esmond just said "You don't realize what this means to me" again after that.

Naturally, the meeting meant a lot to Jenna, who felt fortunate to still be in contact with her great-grandfather.

When the snow melts, we'll be heading back to see him, Jenna said at the time. Little Ez, the "Walk Walk" girl, and great-great-grandpa Esmond will be there.

Esmond sadly died away on March 22, 2018, just a short time after having the opportunity to meet his namesake, but the memories created on that wonderful day will last a lifetime.

What a touching tale; we can only imagine how much Jenna treasured it. Now that he has met his eldest relative, who was born more than a century before him, baby Esmond will grow up knowing that he had the opportunity to do so.
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