Cat With Extra Toes Due To Heterochromia Was Abandoned In The Streets Before She Became A Social Media Star(3 photos)

There are several reasons why individuals decide to become pet owners. Pets should be treated like humans, whether it's to provide company to help them deal with loneliness or sadness or just to have another family member. Since it is a commitment, there is no going back. In actuality, choosing to become a pet owner signifies that you are ready to dedicate time to them.

Despite the fact that caring for a pet may not always be easy, it is unquestionably worthwhile, especially considering the health advantages of playing or taking walks with them. It's true that certain animals are more adorable because they are cute, but having a pet shouldn't be based just on cuteness. It's unfortunate, though, that some individuals decide to acquire one just because they think it's attractive.

Consider a cat that was just one and a half years old when her last owner left her on the streets of New York. While some individuals want to be pet owners, others decide not to keep their animals. Nevertheless, she was fortunate enough to find her forever home and develop into a well-mannered cat that is loved by everybody.

Sansa is a snow-white cat from New York City that was abandoned before being rescued by Karen and her husband in 2016. She was born in 2014. In addition, Karen assisted her in growing into the current online sensation. Sansa now has over 26,000 Instagram followers.

Sansa was born with heterochromia, a disease that causes her eyes to be different colors. She also has more toes than usual due to a birth condition called polydactyly; she has six on her front paws and four and five on her back ones.

Sansa discovered her new home at a Manhattan Petco event. Even before Karen met Sansa, she was experiencing anxiety. Karen, who had experienced anxiety in the past, clicked with Sansa right away. However, it took many months for Sansa to get used to her new life and her fur parents.

She was really shy and scared at first; if any of us entered the front door, she would run away and hide behind the TV console or in the closet. After a few months, she began to confide in us and gradually grew more at ease with us," Karen told Bored Panda.

In addition, Sansa has hyperesthesia syndrome, a kind of epilepsy that may make a person "emergency hostile and try to bite."

As a result of an autoimmune hemolytic anemia recurrence, Sansa was admitted to the hospital in September 2022. But because of her resilience, her parents became even more committed to doing whatever it took to support her.

Sansa's fur parent captioned an Instagram photo, saying, "She has consistently shown us that she is a fighter despite everything she has had to endure, so we are determined to do whatever it takes to give her a fighting chance."

Even though Sansa isn't like other cats, that's what makes her special and different from the other cats.

While Sansa is fortunate to have found a family that has accepted her completely, her parents are unquestionably more luckier to have discovered an amazing cat that is both kind and loving. What more are they entitled to?

Karen described Sansa as a very kind, affectionate, and sweet-natured cat.

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