Tycoon Spends $11 Million Building 90 Homes For The Homeless From Money Saved For Daughter's Wedding(video)

Worldwide, social media has become a powerful force. These days, everything from a trip to the gym to our most recent holiday misadventures provides for some stunning pictures that we share with our loved ones to update them on our life. Weddings are among the most impacted occasions that have grown in popularity as a result of social media. It seems like every couple has a collection of gorgeous photos from their engagement announcement that flow into films and pictures of their sophisticated nuptials.

Undoubtedly, the amount of money spent on weddings nowadays surpasses that of any previous period in history. In addition to being somewhat required, having a few photos for your social media accounts is highly anticipated. People want their weddings to stand out from the crowd by including "Pinterest-style" themes.

Many ladies today fantasize of having a huge, extravagant wedding the moment they find the one. With the exception of the fact that her father is an Indian millionaire business magnate, Shreya Munot from Aurangabad, India, was just like any other person. As such, she had every reason to plan an extravagant wedding. Manoj Munot, her father, had saved an amazing $11 million just to ensure that his daughter's special day was all she could have dreamed of. He wanted his young girl's dream to come true on her wedding day as well.

But after some thought, Manoj chose to use some of this money to build 90 dwellings for the homeless back in 2016. His daughter, who was aware that the funds might be used for far greater purposes, also praised him for this altruistic deed.

Manoj is one of the richest persons in India, according to The Indian Express, and he mostly concentrates on the resale of textiles and wheat. He is a well-known financial guru as well. He had saved up a whooping 70-80 lakhs (one lakh is equal to 100,000 rupees) for his daughter's wedding, which is around $11 million, even though she had never insisted on an extravagant ceremony. This sum is really substantial!

Shreya didn't know what to do with the money her father had set aside for her wedding, according to the news outlet. These days, that type of money might buy her an extravagant, extravagant wedding that would feed thousands of guests. She was taken aback, though, when her father informed her that he had changed his mind and would now be using the money he had saved for her wedding to support an alternative cause.

India has a severe shortage of suitable housing for the impoverished, and a vast number of people there live in improvised homes dispersed over sizable regions known as slums. Asia’s largest slum is located in Mumbai, the capital city of Maharashtra and the largest metropolis in India. Because of overpopulation, those who live in slums and impoverished housing areas are always at risk of illness and unhygienic circumstances. Furthermore, the majority of individuals cannot find better housing for virtually all of their lives owing to the poverty that forces them to live in slum conditions. Poor housing conditions for the impoverished are partly a result of government indifference and the large volume of individuals in need of assistance.

It was stated by ANI News that Shreya was overjoyed to learn what her father was hiding. Rather than allocating the funds for a single day or event, Manoj made the decision to construct enduring dwellings for the homeless population in the Aurangabad area of Maharashtra, India. Sheyra visited her father in the complex where he had constructed ninety units before to her wedding day in 2016. As they formally inaugurated the new home development, the news source stated that she and her spouse were pleased with her father's accomplishments.

The couple was able to offer 90 families a key to their new house as a priceless present that meant more to them than anything else they could have gotten. The houses are modest, but for the families who have lived in the district's shantytowns for years with improvised roofs over their heads, they are palaces. Additionally, they may now finally use necessities like running water and electricity.

It was stated by Business Insider that Manoj had three requirements that individuals had to fulfill in order to receive a house. They had to be impoverished, slum dwellers, and free from addiction. Roughly 38% of Aurangabad's inhabitants, according to a 2014 study by Pranita Pranjale-Bokankar, reside in slums; the city's population was over a million people in 2011 according to the census.

However, as individuals from rural regions relocate to towns like Aurangabad in search of better work, India's cities have seen a dramatic increase in population during the past ten years owing to urbanization. It's possible that the population now is far bigger than what was estimated in 2011.

Ninety might seem like a little number in comparison to the amount of individuals in India who are in need of homes. On the other hand, the lives of the ninety individuals who now own these homes have been profoundly altered. Numerous lives have been deeply and favorably impacted by Manoj's kind gift to them and his daughter. This is a lovely example that should encourage other affluent people to donate their money instead of spending it on an ostentatious wedding.

According to a 2020 BBC article, India's wedding business was valued between $40 billion and $50 billion annually, making it the second largest in the world behind the United States. Large weddings are common, and guests often include distant relatives and friends since it's thought that this is the finest way to show off one's social position. When it comes to entertaining their child's extravagant wedding, parents frequently incur debt even after decades of saving since they are assessed on their capacity for hospitality and spending.

"One had doubts about the size of the Indian wedding till earlier this year. Like a race, it was. The CEO of the hugely famous Indian wedding website Wedding Sutra, Parthip Thyagarajan, stated that "grand was becoming grander, especially in high-income families." Rich families are under pressure to provide the most extravagant wedding possible for their children, especially if the kid is a female.

But by donating their money to worthy causes, families like Manoj's are creating a new standard for how powerful affluent families can be for others in less fortunate circumstances. We hope that more individuals will take this example and use it to assist those in need.
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