Lost Dog Returns Home And Rings Doorbell At 3 A.M. After Getting Spooked By Fireworks(video)

Rajah, a labrador-Pitahoula mix named for Greenville, South Carolina, fled early in July 2021 after being spooked by fireworks close to the family's house. The kind canine came back more than seven hours later, throughout the night, and even pressed the doorbell to gain entry. The doorbell camera system at the house captured the entire event.

Mary Lynn Whitacre was awakened at three in the morning by her doorbell ringing. She initially thought someone had rung the doorbell to return her when she saw Rajah outside, but the video makes it rather evident that the dog was the one who did so. Whitacre claimed that she was coated with mud and thorns, indicating that she was obviously enjoying herself.

When the fireworks started, Rajah and her puppy brother, Ollie, a shepherd mix who was two months old, were in the backyard. Afraid by the loud explosion, Rajah showed off his might by jumping the fence and taking off. Whitacre hurried out in a state of panic, hoping to find her dog, but she was unsuccessful. To help in the hunt, she uploaded photos of Rajah online and emailed the local shelters.

Thankfully, Rajah's keen instincts led to a happy conclusion and the dog making it home without incident. The narrative does, however, serve as a helpful reminder to keep a watchful eye on dogs during fireworks displays because loud noises can worry them severely. Continue reading to learn more about Rajah's amazing story from Whitacre.

The dog owner suspected that the pyrotechnics might annoy Rajah. Whitacre stated, "I knew she'd be scared," according to Times Now News, "because she was in the backyard with our other dog when our neighbor started shooting off fireworks." She was gone when I got to the backyard." Rajah was not at all slow to get away from the sound.

Regretting her possible fate, Rajah's guardians searched far and wide for her, but to no effect. Whitacre went on, "I was driving around looking for her when my husband returned home. She simply walked up and rang the doorbell as we were about to contact every shelter."

It was unclear from whence Rajah had learnt how to operate the doorbell. "I have no idea how she was able to accomplish it. How have I never showed her?" Whitacre said. "She has never seen us use the doorbell because she only ever goes outside to the car."

It was Whitacre's spouse who heard the dog come. "Ryan was up waiting around to see if she'd pop up," she clarified. He dashed to get her after spotting her on the porch." Thankfully, Rajah was just really filthy and a bit taken aback when she arrived home.

Rajah looked very precious when she arrived home. In the video, her expression was amusing, and she appeared to be acting incorrectly. "She was depressed and sulky, thinking she was in a lot of trouble, but we were just glad you were back," Whitacre recalled. "We kept laughing so hard because it was so funny."
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