Loyal Dog Saves Pregnant Owner's Life After It Keeps Crying And Nudging Her To Seek Medical Help

Every responsible dog owner adores their pet, but even well-mannered dogs may occasionally be rather obnoxious. Examples of these behaviors include barking for food or whimpering to be taken outside for the tenth time in a row. However, it has been shown that a dog's bark can occasionally save a life.

Of course, there are police dogs that can locate contraband, security dogs who use their barks to protect our houses, and trained rescue dogs that can locate people after tragedies. However, this tale—about a typical dog with a huge heart—is unique and will win you over.

It turns out that Keola, the life-saving dog, may have been attempting to save her owner's life while first managing to greatly disturb her family with her barking. When Keola began barking at Alhanna Butler of Doncaster, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom, she decided to visit the doctor and was diagnosed shortly after.

Because Alhanna's illness was so uncommon, medical professionals had to create a brand-new medicine to combat the bug—something they had never seen before. Regardless, this 2016 tale demonstrates how much canines may comprehend about us and how wonderfully they can help us at our significant life moments. It remains to be known if Keola was genuinely able to sense something was off, but Alhanna and her husband Ricky Butler are confident in her unique talent, which appears to outperform that of many skilled medical professionals.

Alhanna is aware that her dog Keola had a keen sense of intuition—so much so that Keola was able to save her life! Keola, an Akita, reportedly helped Alhanna realize that her pregnancy problems were more concerning than the doctors had initially believed, according to The Mirror.

Keola assisted determine the cause of Alhanna's pregnancy, who was 21 years old at the time, by providing the negative test that Alhanna had thrown away. When she looked at it more closely, Alhanna saw a small line, and she knew she was indeed pregnant! Keola's unique sense of intuition proved to be crucial in preserving Alhanna's life.

Alhanna started getting sick more frequently as her pregnancy reached week eighteen. Keola would try to take care of her while patiently waiting with her next to the restroom. But as time went on, Alhanna started to feel ill and had excruciating back pain, necessitating hospitalization for a midwife. She assured Alhanna that there was nothing seriously wrong with her and that the pregnancy had been challenging because of her petite body.

"It was terrible. Some said to me, 'Oh if you can't manage this, how are you going to cope with having a baby?' as if I was simply being a wimp. I could hardly walk, though," Alhanna remarked. Keola seems to detect that Alhanna's suffering was unusual. She would look at Alhanna for hours on end and would not stop sobbing and crying. Alhanna was impacted by this behavior and started to worry that things might not be as well as the doctors had said.

"She just sat staring at me so intently that it really scared me," Alhanna said on Facebook after seeing Keola's unusual behavior. "When the doctors sent me home and said there was nothing seriously wrong," Alhanna said. Although it was written in jest, Alhanna quickly received calls from friends and relatives advising her to take Keola's actions seriously.

"My mother then called and told me to pay attention to my dog because she was trying to tell me something." As it happens, she was dead correct and preserved our lives. Alhanna expressed her gratitude, saying, "She is the most amazing dog and I owe her my life."

Alhanna needed to be admitted to critical care after collapsing unexpectedly on her way to the hospital. It was discovered that Alhanna's suffering was caused by a "superbug" that was so uncommon that it had only ever afflicted one other individual in the United Kingdom.

Since the bug was resistant to antibiotics, a new medication specifically designed to treat the illness in Alhanna had to be developed. Alhanna was informed that the first two weeks were crucial and that she might not have been as fortunate if she had arrived even one day later. Alhanna hardly recalls those two weeks, according to The Mirror, and there's a good chance that her double kidney infection caused her death.

Nobody truly realized how sick I was, but Keola did. I could never understand why she had begun doing this all of a sudden; she would nudge me and weep. Ricky claimed that although she had never complained before, she was upset every time I left to work, according to Alhanna. "I can now be certain that Keola was attempting to alert me to a problem. She went on, "I just wish I had listened to her sooner."

Alhanna persuaded her physicians to allow her to spend a few hours at home after more than a month in the hospital, just long enough to reassure Keola of her well-being. Her spouse was able to capture the heartwarming exchange on camera when she got home. After her baby Lincoln was born, she sent a thank-you video to Keola, and it soon gained popularity. "I'm positive that if Keola hadn't happened, neither Lincoln nor I would be here today," Alhanna remarked.

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