Two women take breakup holiday together after finding out they were both dating the same man(3 photos)

So I think I have a little explaining to do, he remarked as his first words. He added a little emoji that looks like a half-laugh after that.

Faith Bistline got a Facebook message just before she was about to depart for her partner and her 30th birthday vacation to Costa Rica, and it completely deflated her. The remark referred to a picture Bistline had uploaded with her 18-month boyfriend and questioned, "Is he your boyfriend?" "For the past 10 months, he has been dating my buddy," I said. Bistline was as astonished as she was, but she thought the sender could have made a mistake. In an effort to explain everything to her partner, she grabbed a snapshot of their chat. His answer, nevertheless, was hardly consoling. The man Bistline dated for a year and a half ignored her message despite seeing it, she claimed in an interview with The Washington Post.

Soon later, Bistline received a text from the coworker and friend of the whistleblower, Emely Ortiz, who had been seeing the man for about a year and thought they were exclusive. The 22-year-old asked, "I just want to know how long you guys have been together." "Did he ever bring me up to you or did you not know?" Bistline answered: "I was clueless. I kind of panic out over this. We have been dating for over 15 months. I'm trying to give him a chance to defend himself to me, but he isn't answering at the moment."

The women, who both work in healthcare and reside in Las Vegas like their now-ex-boyfriend, sent each other pictures of the man to verify that it was the same person. They also exchanged information about how he met their families, where they left their toothbrushes when they stayed over, and the gray fuzzy robe he wore around the apartment. The missing parts started to fit together gradually. While Ortiz, a medical assistant, met him at the clinic where her partner, a doctor, completed his residency, Bistline, a nurse, met him through friends a year earlier and they started dating in April 2021. In October 2021, he invited her out on a date without giving her even the tiniest indication that he already had a girlfriend, she claimed.

After two days, the boyfriend (who will not be identified due to privacy concerns) finally responded to Bistline's message, and he was in no way sorry for what he had done. "I think I have a little explaining to do, he stated as his first words. Then he added a little emoji that looked like a half-laugh "She remembered. "That really got under my skin. I ask, "Do you find this funny?"" Ortiz didn't wait for an answer, though. The moment she learned, she went over to his house. She said that she waited outside for hours, but he never arrived. She remarked, "I feel like I phoned him like a hundred times." The following evening, Ortiz returned to his flat and discovered him there. She said, "I challenged him. "What are you talking about, he questioned. Are you insane? And once I opened the texts, he said, "Oh, yeah,"" She claimed that when he expressed regret, he remarked, "I never should have let things get out of hand."

Bistline and Ortiz dumped their partner the next several days and concentrated on repairing their wounded hearts. At this time, Bistline informed Ortiz about her forthcoming vacation to Costa Rica for her birthday. Despite having paid for everything, she decided against taking her cheating ex as she had originally intended. She requested Ortiz's company instead. "Please let me know if you're serious about Costa Rica. I'm going to bring you instead of him, I swear "Bistline penned. Ortiz responded, "Yes, I'm serious about Costa Rica; after this, we need a vacation. Three weeks after learning of their boyfriend's deceit, on September 16, the women traveled to Costa Rica as a group.

Bistline stated, "I didn't want to travel alone. "Going on a journey like this, I reasoned, would definitely be beneficial to us both. After everything we've been through, we deserve this." When Bistline invited her, Ortiz acknowledged that she was first hesitant. She admitted, "At first I thought this person is insane. But I was simply thinking that because we are the only two who are aware of our experiences, it could be beneficial for us to recover together. While exploring the jungle and waterfalls for four days, Bistline and Ortiz sought healing and dealt with their betrayal. The women have reconnected after their breakups, roughly a month later, and are now close friends. Ortiz claims that in addition to making a new friend, the event has taught her a valuable lesson. Always follow your gut, she said.
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