8-Year-Old Boy Gets Emotional For Heartfelt Reason After Years Of Being Homeless(video)

One of the most important things that kids require is a house that has everything they could possibly need, from furniture to beds and educational supplies.

But not everyone is lucky enough to have these necessities, so when an 8-year-old homeless youngster got his own bed for the first time, he was ecstatic.

Daeyer Neely was a small toddler whose life was not like other children's since he had been homeless since he was two years old. In January 2018, an NBC News report stated that his mother's job loss resulted in them losing their residence.

Daeyer and his mother Dionna were able to relocate into a shelter in Detroit, Michigan, the year before the report was made public, with the intention of eventually obtaining public housing.

Since we moved into the shelter, he has been experiencing some issues at school. I had to clarify to him that we must do these steps in order to have our own residence.

Things weren't easy at first since Daeyer had to sleep on a pile of blankets as they didn't have any furniture when they were eventually approved for public housing in November 2017.

Thankfully, they were able to receive assistance from Humble Design, a non-profit, who completely renovated their home.

The executive director of the charity, Julie Nagle, states: "We remodel your residence using donated products from the community... It's our home," she remarked.

The house was presented as empty in one scene of the film, but with the assistance of Humble Design, it was entirely furnished with a table, a place for dishes, and—most importantly—Daeyer's own bedroom, furnished with a bed, toys, and décor.

Since Dionna, Daeyer's mother, intended to go to nursing school in order to better her family's lot in life, the house marked the beginning of a new chapter in their lives.

"As a mother, I fulfilled my obligations. The mother remarked, "I achieved our hopes and maintained my commitment to him.

A video of Daeyer's response showed the child looking at his newly equipped room with excitement in his eyes.

Afterwards, after all the years he had been without a place to live, he broke down in tears. He then went to console his mother by giving her a strong embrace.

The tale touched a lot of internet users as well, as most of them had similar feelings regarding Daeyer.

It feels good to see. The fact that so many kids still lack even the most basic essentials for childhood breaks my heart. One person said, "Please donate anything you can spare to struggling families."

"When I saw the entire video of them viewing their new house for the first time, I started crying so hard. I couldn't contain my happiness when I saw how content and appreciative this little kid was. He is very adorable. Another added, "So happy they have a beautiful and safe place to call home."

What a nice young man. He has shown courage for so long that all of the suffering has been released. One person said, "I'm so happy for him and his mother."

A person went on to praise the mother for her perseverance, writing, "God bless them both❤️ and respect to his mom for never giving up and for pulling through."

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