At 31, Hollywood Twins Cole & Dylan Sprouse Grew Up To Be Successful & Have Esteemed Careers(7 photos)

From the mid-1990s to the early 2000s, many TV viewers can essentially trace their childhoods back to Dylan and Cole Sprouse, the famous twins. This is because of their unquestionable brilliance and impact on films and television series like "The Suite Life of Zack & Cody," "Big Daddy," and "Friends."

Additional noteworthy appearances may be found in productions such as "Grace Under Fire," which served as their first engagement. The cute couple had taken turns portraying Patrick Kelly from 1993 and 1998. With time, the twins gained notoriety for even more outstanding roles.

The Hollywood twins, who formerly starred in "Big Daddy" as young actors, are now well into their adult years and are having a ball with their jobs. Take a peek into the life of America's most beloved Hollywood twins.

After performing a few times together as children, Dylan and Cole advanced by landing their own professions. Cole portrayed Ross Geller's kid in the 2001 television series "Friends." They became well-known all around the globe when they played the twins Zack and Cody in "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody." Carey, the singer, and her twins resided in the Tipton hotel, which served as the basis for the television show. Their antics in their hotel room were well-known.

Dylan and Cole returned to their roles in the adolescent sitcom "The Suite Life on Deck," which ran for three seasons, as a result of the series' popularity. The same characters were also portrayed by them in "The Suite Life Movie." The Sprouse twins made appearances in three episodes of "That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana," a 2006 television combination of three Disney Channel sitcoms: "That's so Raven," "The Suite Life of Zack & Cody," and Hannah Montana, in between the spin-offs.

The twins recognize the significance of the program to their achievement as a whole. Dylan discussed his feelings regarding "The Suite Life of Zack & Cody" in 2020, which was 15 years after the show's debut.

He said that the program saved him and his twin brother from the terrible circumstance they were in at the time and expressed gratitude for the wonderful memories it would bring back for everyone who saw it.

Cole acknowledged that he was a sucker for the Suite series as well. The actor discussed his pasttime and admitted that he still indulges in some of it in "73 Questions With Cole Sprouse" by Vogue.

He said, "When I'm drunk or feeling extremely egotistical, sure (I put it on)," adding, "I don't really like to see anything I do. I thus make an effort to avoid it. Even if it seems corny, I still have a great affection for "The Suite Life."

In March 2023, he also said in an interview with Alex Cooper for the podcast "Call Her Daddy" that Disney Channel had provided them with much-needed stability at that time by opening doors for them.

"My brother and I were doing well by the time we arrived to the Disney Channel. We were much helped by that," he remarked. "The program was, in many respects, life-saving. It gave my brother and I the level of regularity, consistency, and stability that we truly needed at the time," he continued.

The brothers were able to establish friends at Disney Channel in addition to receiving financial security from their employment. Cole disclosed that he was moved to tears when the team hosted a celebration for him following his middle school graduation.

Although Dylan and Cole now like acting, it is not their first choice for a profession. Cole claimed on the "Call Her Daddy" podcast that their mother made them and their brother work from a young age, which is how he and Dylan got into acting.

"My mother forced my brother and me into acting when we were eight months old because we were in need of money," he claimed. "I never decided to pursue acting or the arts in particular. It was thus never truly my passion.

The actress thought their mother was "financially irresponsible" in addition to being "wonderful" and "artistic." He went on to say that the family's financial issues were a result of her addiction and mental health issues. When the boys reached ten, their father was granted complete custody of the children.

He said, "We had pretty much lost everything from the (early) parts of our career when my father was given forced custody."

But they rapidly found their feet when they started acting at Disney. Cole claims that children enter the entertainment industry in two categories: those who need it and those who desire it. They belonged to the latter category, he claimed.

"I believe there are two categories of children working in the child acting industry. He made the following two observations: first, there are youngsters from working-class backgrounds who, in our case at least, prefer to be actors or actresses. "To be honest, it all began as a way to put bread on the table."

He made it clear that he had no regrets about following that road and that he would do it again.

Cole has also talked openly about his Hollywood experiences. He stated to Variety in 2019 that he had no decision-making authority because he was a kid working in the entertainment sector.

He went on to point out that his lack of "real human experience" during the nine years he worked for Disney Channel was a significant drawback. Having his identical brother alongside him, though, mitigated some of the damage.

The photographer added, "It's therapeutic to have an identical twin next to me going through the same exact experiences in a very similar way with a very similar point of view."

The two made the decision to take a vacation from performing and avoid Hollywood for a while at the height of their fame. Cole disclosed that they had several offers following the conclusion of "The Suite Life," but they desired the opposite and thought they would eventually be forgotten.

In 2010, the twins enrolled at New York University, where Cole studied humanities and archaeology while Dylan studied video game design. They didn't anticipate having people continuously checking in on them, though. After graduating in 2015, Dylan and Cole came to the realization that they couldn't give up acting.

In 2015, Dylan said to Teen Vogue, "By not doing anything, we were doing something." You know, at least for some of the individuals, it was something intriguing. Recently, nevertheless, one came to the conviction that, "You know what? It's probably time to accept that and resume acting, in my opinion.

After completing their undergraduate education, the twins went back into acting, with Cole landing roles in "Riverdale" and "Five Feet Apart." Additionally, Dylan was cast in films like "Dismissed," "After We Collided," and "Banana Split."

In addition to performing, the brothers engage in other activities. Dylan works as a brewmaster and shares ownership of Williamsburg, Brooklyn's All-Wise Meadery. In the meantime, Cole developed a passion for photography and went on to work for major publications such as Teen Vogue and several others.

He has taken pictures of Sam Smith for L'Uomo Vogue, Kendall Jenner for The Sunday Times, and Sophie Turner for W Magazine. In the interim, he disclosed that his primary interest was in landscapes.

In terms of their private life, Cole dated actress Lili Reinhart for a number of years prior to their 2020 breakup, while Dylan wed model Barbara Palvin in 2023. On the "Call Her Daddy" podcast, he discussed his connection with the actress, saying that they "both did a lot of damage to each other."

He clarified that navigating their relationship while working together was difficult for them. Cole said that even after they split up, they were still close friends. In March 2021, he started dating model Ari Fournier romantically.

Even after their youthful Hollywood aspirations ended many years ago, Cole and Dylan still remember their cute beginnings. In 2019, Cole gained notoriety for commemorating the 25th anniversary of "Friends" and paying tribute to his part by sharing stills from select sequences on Instagram.

Fans of the hit show were treated to a little of nostalgia when Cole, who portrayed Ben Geller, plopped down on the famous couch that the ensemble frequently used to have coffee at Central Perk. The momentous occasion was captured on camera, and the official "Friend" Instagram account shared a photo with the message, "The One Where Ben Grew Up @colesprouse #FRIENDS25."

The image also included Joey, portrayed by Matt LeBlanc, with her plush penguin, Huggsy. The slides contained more pictures of Ben.

Earlier that year, Cole talked about his experiences of working on the "Friends" set with Today. He was especially fond of remembering "The One With the Holiday Armadillo." Says he:

"I was infatuated with the costumes, and the practical effects that they had."

Cole was enamored with more than just the clothes during that period. He harbored feelings for co-star Jennifer Aniston, who portrayed Rachel Green in the show and served as David Schwimmer's wife and love interest for Ross Geller.

He told Today, "I think I fell in love with Jennifer Aniston, which was the whole world's thing at that point." However, I do recall feeling rather scared around her as a result. In one episode, I seem to have lost my words and experienced a slight case of stage fright as she sat next to me on the couch.

Cole has pleasant recollections of other celebrities, not only Jennifer Aniston. In "Big Daddy," he and Dylan collaborated with Adam Sandler, and the twins took turns playing Julian.

The bond between Julian, a five-year-old kid who was left on Sonny Sandler's doorstep, was the focus of the 1999 film. The characters got into a lot of severe mischief, but Sonny's decision to take responsibility for his actions made a lasting positive impact on his life.

Cole and Dylan are incredibly fond of their co-star, Adam Sandler. Cole Sprouse revealed in 73 Questions With Cole Sprouse that the well-known actor served as one of his early teachers. He clarified that he was impressed by the actor from "Uncut Gems" for how much of himself he put into the play and how aware of the various facets of his life.

Dylan also talked about some of his recollections of Sandler. In an April 2023 interview with Access Hollywood, Dylan made light of his run-in with Sandler and discussed his film "Beautiful Disaster." A brief footage of Sandler mentioning he'd ran across his "Big Daddy" co-star was shown to Dylan. Sandler claimed to have seen Dylan "about two in the morning" while the actor was filming "Murder Mystery 2" at a Parisian hotel.

Dylan then made a joke about Sandler being "just old" because they had run into each other at 8 p.m. rather than 2 a.m. What he said was, "Like, dude, go to sleep." The actor mentioned in the interview that Sandler watching basketball on site caused "Big Daddy" to take four months to film.

He remembered, "We shot that movie for four months, Big Daddy, for four months."

"Part of the reason it took so long was that Adam had a beer cooler full of drinks and a basketball setup that he would watch in between takes," he said.

But Dylan went on to say, "It was amazing."

Another occasion, Cole expressed his respect for Sandler during the film's 2019 premiere, "Uncut Gems." In an interview with People in March 2022, Cole disclosed:

"I think his career is admirable, but maybe I'm biased since I've known him for a long time. He strikes a very lovely balance between art and business, which is, in my opinion, the mark of a true professional actor."

Cole said, "He's walking that line beautifully and he's raising up all of his friends at the same time, which I think is incredible."

The twins, who are of Italian descent, appear to be succeeding in their own pursuits. Over the years, Dylan's All-Wise Meadery has made significant profits, and he has racked up some noteworthy acting roles. Archaeologist Cole has also discovered some amazing artifacts, such as an antique porcelain theatrical mask of Dionysus from Bulgaria that the actor said "spooked" him for a very long time.

He did, however, admit that he preferred researching things over being on set and that, after he crossed everything off his list, he would come back. Additionally, he revealed that if given the chance to play "Indiana Jones," he would "put on some muscle."

The celebrity said that avoiding social media helps him, and he is very concerned about his mental health. He began a podcast while taking a break from social media, which he claimed helped him get some expertise as a producer.

Additionally, the Sprouse twins have not ruled out future collaborations. Since graduating from college, the actors have not appeared in the same film.

Regarding the reason behind their recent absence from each other's appearances, Dylan stated to HollywoodLife in 2020:

It would need to be accurate. When they want to cast my brother and myself, it's usually for the most ridiculous reasons. Therefore, it would need to be something nice and elegant.

In the same year, he said that if he and his brother wanted anything nice, they would likely need to start a project together. If they had great stuff, he continued, they would make a twin comeback.

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