At 80, Woman Set To Get Married Again Inspires Others To ‘Take A Chance’ At Love(video)

Love is a great thing, and it can make individuals happy at any age. Many people have experienced this. One particular grandma is demonstrating that love has no boundaries and can exist even in situations when others doubt its possibility. After her granddaughter uploaded a video of Janet Merryman putting on a wedding gown, the woman became viral. Shortly afterward, she received an invitation from Good Morning America to narrate her tale in a YouTube video that was released on April 26, 2023.

Merryman was in her 60s when she lost her first spouse. Her husband's death was a devastating blow to her. They were together for decades after they first met when she was fifteen. Merryman also had additional challenges following her husband's passing. Doctors discovered a blood clot in her lung after she battled colon cancer and overcame the illness. But the eighty-year-old was a warrior, and she overcame that too.

She remarked, "To be honest, I didn't think I would be sitting here today."

After Danielle Jefferson, Merryman's little granddaughter, moved out, she began to feel alone. At this time, Jefferson stepped in and said:

"Just thinking about everything and how happy I am that she's happy and that she's not alone brings me to tears."

The main idea behind Jefferson's allusion to her grandmother's pleasure was Merryman's reconciliation with her fiancé. Many people were heartened to see a video of the 80-year-old octogenarian putting on a wedding dress and congratulating Merryman for finding love at her age.

Many people in the store were surprised when Merryman chose a bridal gown. On April 26, 2023, the video was uploaded on Good Morning America's YouTube account. It included her circling around and doing a catwalk while wearing a white dress and pointed shoes.

Did I ever imagine that, at eighty, I would be getting married? Not at all," she said in the video. Well, I think I chose three gowns, and as soon as I put the first one on, I thought, "Wow, this thing looks really good on."

Not just Merryman believed the outfit was meant for her. When the other brides in the store turned to look at her and applaud, she became the center of attention.

Her granddaughter disclosed, "There were other brides trying on dresses who were stopping everything they were doing to look at her and what she was doing."

Merryman rediscovered love with a man twenty years her junior. She disclosed that while her fiancé was married with children at the time, they had been neighbors for seven years. When he got divorced after seven years, she began asking him over for lunch to help with the loneliness and affection that had developed between them.

In addition, the woman gave other ladies in her age group some advise and urged them to never give up.

"If there are any ladies in their 80s out there. hazard a guess. All I can say is that. I am doing it," she declared. Since I don't have many years left, I'm content right now. I used to get asked by everyone, "Why don't you smile more?" He makes me laugh so much that I smile a lot more now," she said, grinning broadly.

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